540 unispin competition


sweet dude that trophy proves that u good a unicycling

(whish i could 540 im learning to 360 lol)

i´m not good at unicycling, i´m just not that bad an spins cause i did 3spins quiet often in last weeks xD.

my next trick to learn: crankflip :wink:

dont they crap up your uni though

when you first start landing them they do. but when you get them down they dont

it’s the doubleflips that cause unicycle crappage. and backflips:p

no remember when we started landing crankflips and we broke seats

edit: yeah doubles and backflips pwn your uni harder than crankflips

I do remember. but backflips… they kill seatpost.

but 540’s unispins I don’t recall breaking any parts. Maybe a bumper…

a bumper if you miss the seat and it hits the ground. you can also break your face and head. i had some experience with that :smiley:

hahaha :roll_eyes:

This competition is still going on for 2nd and 3th place, right?
I’m in then (however I won’t do it before August)!

Yes the competition is still runing… Are anybody comming close??

I just need to get it on film…which I can’t do lol. Not sure if it was a fluke that I landed it or what, but I cant get it again. So hopefully a vid will be up in the next couple of days.:smiley:

i’m in


getting close to 360unispins when ive done them im going straight the the 540’s

is it to late to join in?


okay im in^^

Anyone close? I been really busy and haven’t had time to film it, so tomorrow
I’m going to go out and try and film it. (keyword try lol:D)

I’ve stuck it, hopped twice and slid off, but not on camera, and i’m too lazy to do it lately. When I get it I think i’m going to save it for my next vid.

Doublebacks cause the most uni damage :stuck_out_tongue: I havn’t broken anything on them, but sooo many others have.