500 hours of unicycling

Where I live I don’t have to deal with the snow; just a bit of wet in the Winter months. That’s definitely got to be difficult. Getting that much done under those conditions is impressive.

Yes, the rain can be a pain. One of the reasons I started practicing flatland tricks is that I can do it in places I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do much like in my garage (when it’s wet) or out under a street lamp (when it’s dark).

Just saw this post. I’m definitely going for the 500 hours in one year as well!

The weather was a bit better for my second week. My big accomplishment this was landing a 360 jump mount. After practicing 360 unispins my legs were too sore to practice the following day.

1/1-1/7: 12h (9h uni bball, 3h practice)
1/8-1/15: 13h 50m (7h 35m uni bball, 5h 45m practice)

I only got another 5 hours. All together I’m only up to 8 hours 15 min. I can’t wait for better weather, though I did find a covered place to ride, might be able to get there more.

I’m only at 11:15… But the weather was really bad, plus I got hurt on wednesday so it didn’t really help me. But once the summer will be here I’ll do much more riding than now! :slight_smile:

oh wow! good idea. i’m gonna definitely start keeping track now!

i rode for about an hour and a half today.

so far for this year i’d say i’ve rode about 15 hours

I used to ride 15h a week in the past ^^
now it is a lot less…

  1. because of the winter…
    it gets really fast dark + it rains a lot, and that is a big problem xD

  2. Last month I had exams (so not much unicycle), than I unicycled a week and went skiing for a week.
    I returned and had to do pretty much homework… than it rained a week long xD in the weekend it was good weather so a unicycled, now it rains again + ‘much’ homework^^

well… 3 days to go and EUC =D so that will be 3days full of unicycle :smiley:

The weather was great here this week and I feel for everyone having to deal with harsh conditions. If you can get in even a little during this time you’ll be absolutely killing when better weather comes around. I hope EUC is going strong! I got in a group muni ride this week, some basketball, and lots of practice on leg wraps.

1/1-1/7: 12h (9h bball, 3h practice)
1/8-1/14: 13h 50m (7h 35m bball, 5h 45m practice)
1/15-1/21: 13h 50m (3h 10m muni, 3h 40m bball, 7h practice)

Chicago … cold, ice and snow! I dont mind cold but ice and snow on sandwalk and streets is not safe! I unicyle in my basement and its better than nothing!

I’m at 18 hours right now, I’m only 10 hours late if I want to be in the average per week, it’s about 9,5 hours a week. I just can’t wait for the summer, it’s gonna go way faster :slight_smile:

It was -34 degrees celcius this morning… I didn’t ride today, it’s just too cold.

All my freestyle skills (except side-ride -muscle issue- and coasting -difficulty-) I’ve learned ALL within 7 days after starting practice of each. That was relative easy, as I started when I was up to the next thing.
If I would have set a specific target, I never would have archived it.
So I like your challange being ‘open’. You might like to have a little dairy or weblog in which you ‘count your blessigns’ of each day.
It’s almost impossible to have zero progress a day, and writing things down might be a good motivator if you look back during the year.
It’s I never did such thing, but if you now set yourself this challange it may be useful.

I feel your pain. I’m originally from the Northeast and live in this part of California for a reason. One of the reasons I got my newest unicycle was to be able to practice when it’s raining (in my garage). Safety is definitely important!

Wow, that’s huge time for the conditions you’re in! I may try to ramp it up myself once the time change hits but my body may be a limiting factor.

Thanks for the tips, Leo! I don’t like to set a timeline because I’m a really slow learner compared to most people. I focus on enjoying spending time in sunshine playing/riding/practicing. Inevitably I make “big” progress (learning a new trick) and that’s great but more often I make “little” progress like going an extra revolution or two on some trick or feeling a little more stable practicing a trick. I have a routine to practice all 8 possible basic leg wraps (and leg wrap mounts) and each time I do it I get slightly better. It took me several months just to get up to 15 revolutions of one footed backwards riding! I’m keeping track of my time in mapmyride.com but so far haven’t been using it for notes of progress. I might start doing that. I used to post more in the “Beginner’s Today I …” thread.

Haha! I still think that I’m not riding enough compared to last winter or just at the beggining of the winter!

Where are you at guys? I’m a little bit late on the time right now, but I’ll do it. I’m at 43:15 and logicaly we should be at 81 hours… I didn’t know I was that far off! we would need to do at least about 1:20 per day.


Where are you at now? Since there’s good temperature here, I’m getting up the time I didn’t ride in the winter. I’m at 100:45 now, If my calculations are right, I should be at 160 hours… I’m far away from what I should be, but I keep riding more and more because of the nice weather.

I honestly have lost track recently being very busy and honestly unicycling due to bad weather and nowhere to comfortably rode. I’m probably very close to about 75 hours right now, I lost track at the beginning of April at about 62 hours.

Wow, that’s awesome that you’re still keeping track! There was a six week stretch before the daylight savings change when I was working a lot and didn’t have time to practice on weekdays. I stopped keeping track then although I was still getting 2-6 hours of practice on the weekend and during juggling club. Now that there’s more light I’ve been getting a decent amount of practice, but haven’t been recording it. Maybe I can make it longer next year. I still play a lot of uni bball and practice tricks in addition to riding muni and riding my new big wheel so I get at least ten hours of practice a week.

Realised that it is 3/4 of the way through the year…

I was at 334:00 on september 22nd, and I had to stop because of my surgery, I was doing about 2:00+ everyday because I was a little bit late, I want to get to at least 400 if I can ride again later this year.