The Beginners "Today I..." Thread

I made it to another unicycling milestone :smiley: Here’s my table hop. I could have done this about a month ago, but I don’t think I could have gotten it in one shot.

clint i bet you could get up without needing a crankgrab. just prehop should be enough for this height with your uni

yeah I could easily get from the seat to the top without a crankgrab, but it was getting dark and I didn’t want to take too many attempts at it. My jump record is 20 in. and the ground to bench was 15, so I think I could get the first jump also. I’ll try tomorrow :wink:

Wheel to crank ratios - is this stupid??

I was thinking about how do you compare different wheel crank combinations and forgot to google to see how it’s done…
I was thinking about the issue of work loads with differing set ups, as I am one day going to ride longer distances and possibly have more than one uni… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I sat down and did this, is it a sensible idea?

ps; and it was done with a pocket calculator and then I sat down at the computer… I’m not really coping with modern technology at all. :frowning:

Wheel / Crank ratios
24" - 600mm Circumference 1885.7
26" - 650mm Circumference 2042.8
29’ - 725mm Circumference 2278.5

Cranks in mm
114 Circumference 716.5
125 Circumference 785.7
150 Circumference 942.8
175 Circumference 1099.9

Ratios Wheel circumference / Crank Circumference
24" /114 - 2.631
24" /125 - 2.400
24" /150 - 2.000
24" /175 - 1.714

26" /114 - 2.851
26" /125 - 2.599
26" /150 - 2.166
26" /175 - 1.857

29" /114 - 3.180
29" /125 - 2.899
29" /150 - 2.416
29" /175 - 2.071

krjames, you might find this interesting reading if you have not already seen it:

Unicycle Timeline

This is my anniversary for registering on this site so I went through my old posts and orders and compiled a unicycle timeline of the last year in case anyone finds it interesting or informative. Probably the hardest thing I’ve done so far is one footed backwards riding. I’m up to 12 revolutions but I just switched out my 100mm cranks for 75mm so it will probably take some time to get back to that.

7/6/2009 - Ordered a green 24” Club unicycle.
10/8/2009 - Registered a profile on About this time I started regular unicycle practice. From July to this time I got occasional practice once every week or two. I was able to free mount at this time.
10/11/2009 - Ordered Kris Holm leg armor.
10/24/2009 - Participating in O-U-T the Game I was unable to do 30 idles. (Special thanks to JuliaB for her encouragement for beginners!)
10/26/2009 - First post in The Beginners “Today I…” thread. Idled 30 times (right), idled 8 times (left), rode backwards 2.5 revolutions, rode SIF 13.5 revolutions, mounted SIF and did a 180 unispin.
10/28/2009 - Ordered a blue 20” Nimbus Trials. Idled 68 times (right), idled 13 times (left), rode backwards 4 revolutions, rode SIF 11 revolutions (after jump mounting).
10/29/2009 - Rode SIF 21 revolutions, landed a 180 jump mount and rode out SIF 5 times.
10/30/2009 - Rode SIF 40 revolutions.
10/31/2009 - Rode backwards 19 revolutions.
11/1/2009 - Idled 27 times (left), rode backwards 40 revolutions, rode SIF in a circle.
11/2/2009 - Rode SIF 27 revolutions, rode backwards in a circle, rode backwards down a small incline and over a tiny curb (3-4cm) many times, learned to mount to ride backwards right away.
11/3/2009 - Learned to roll over a curb backwards, landed a fakie rolling hop off a curb (4 times).
11/6/2009 - Got suicide mounts down, got lady and gentleman mounts down, got 180 jump mounts down, got transitioning from SI to SIF down, idled 20 times (left), landed a rolling hop off a curb, rode about 7 miles round trip into town and back at night.
11/9/2009 - Landed a left and right leg wrap.
11/12/2009 - Rode one footed 3.5 revolutions.
11/15/2009 - Sprained my ankle hopping up a curb.
11/30/2009 - Ordered Kris Holm arm armor and parts including new cranks (to replace ones I messed up), pedals, and a crank puller.
12/1/2009 - Juggled clubs while riding.
12/13/2009 - Turned 180 degrees while juggling.
12/22/2009 - Rode one footed 6.5 revolutions.
1/8/2010 - Rode one footed 50 revolutions (right), rode one footed 1 revolution (left).
1/12/2010 - Rode one footed 4 revolutions (left), idled one footed 16 times (right).
1/15/2010 - Hurt my leg playing regular basketball.
1/27/2010 - Rode one footed 7 revolutions (left), wheel walked 5 revolutions.
1/30/2010 - Rode one footed 20 revolutions (left).
1/31/2010 - Rode one footed 40 revolutions.
2/10/2010 - Executed two 180 unispins in a row, hopped on tire 10 times, wheelwalked 10 revolutions, idled 5 times while juggling (right), idled 7 times while juggling (left), jumped rope 8 times.
2/13/2010 - Rode 10+ revolutions while hula hooping, idled 3 times while hula hooping (right and left), jumped rope 18 times, idled 11 times while juggling (right), transitioned from wheel walking to regular riding.
3/21/2010 - Tried muni for the first time on my 20" Nimbus trials. I also started basketball around this time.
3/24/2010 - Ordered a black Nimbus 26” MUni.
3/31/2010 - Learned one-footed rollback mounts (left and right), idled one-footed 30 times. Rode my 26” muni for the first time.
4/2/2010 - Rode one footed backwards 1 revolution.
4/16/2010 - Sold my Nimbus Trials.
4/23/2010 - Ordered a chrome 20” Nimbus X freestyle, a 24” tire, and a white 20” Primo The Wall tire.
5/19/2010 - Had a bad fall riding over a cattle gate.
6/22/2010 - Bought a 5ft giraffe. I was able to ride it and do 80 idles right away.
6/24/2010 - Static mounted my giraffe.
6/25/2010 - Rolling mounted my giraffe.
7/4/2010 - Rode on giraffe in my first parade.
7/24/2010 - Rode stomach on seat 10 revolutions, rode seat out in back 2.5 revolutions.
7/31/2010 - Idled 53 times on my giraffe while juggling, rode left foot out 15 revolutions, idled left foot out 2 revolutions, rode seat out in back 35 revolutions.
9/9/2010 - Rode one footed backwards 5 revolutions.
9/28/2010 - Ordered a chrome 12” unicycle and parts including 75mm and 100mm cranks, many seat post clamps, a blue Nimbus gel saddle, and pedals.

Riding with handlebars

The last couple of weeks I’ve learned to ride with handlebars. It has really improved my balance. I didn’t know until now how much your feet can help with side to side balance. I used to have real problems with road crown and sloped sidewalks - I’d end up sitting crooked twisted sideways. Those problems have completely vanished. My feet just take care of it, automatically pushing a little bit harder on one side to compensate for the slope.

If there are any other beginners out there having problems with road crown, try learning to ride without waving your arms around. Force yourself to ride with your hands on the front of the seat. It might help…

It’s interesting that you seem to figure out a trick with your right leg first and then catch up with your left later. Is that how most people do it? I tend to practice both and learn left and right at about the same rate. I wonder if it’s faster to learn with one leg at a time since you probably get a feel for the trick sooner when you spend all your time on your dominant leg. Maybe that understanding helps when you start working on it with the other leg.

He needs a tucking technique as he doesn’t have any at all, i bet he could do that seat in just as easily. In my and many other riders opinions, sif hopping is not always nessercary and can lead to bad habits. To prove my point, the britsh trials champion Joe Baxter detests sif hopping :slight_smile:

Good point! I usually find it slightly easier to do things with my right vs. left but I find if I learn right first I’m not not only learning the trick, but how to learn to learn the trick. Then even if it’s physically harder with my left it can be quicker because I streamlined the learning process.

I can tuck, it just wasn’t necessary. Since I didn’t have crankgrabs in any of my other vids, I decided to show I can do them by jumping up a table, which is not just one but two crankgrabs and more exciting than jumping up pallets. My jump is now 25 in, static sif, which requires a tuck. I’m still working but it is improving. This is the beginner’s today I thread. Any Tips?

I just landed my first 360 unispin the other day. I’ve landed two of them and I’m about to land my third today.:smiley:

Yes, that was what I should have gone looking for…

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

learning static free mount

Trying to learn “static” free mount :

I am trying not to give weight on my foot on the pedal ;hop to the other pedal and and lean forward and pedal; but knowing what to do and to be able to do are different.Even I try not to give weight to my dominant foot on the pedal (so that when I hope wheel can stay static); it seems I can’t do it and the wheel rolls back and my pedals turn in to 6-12 position… I don’t want to learn roll back mount but want to learn static mount. Tried ~70 times and 66 times I was unsuccessful to ride. Any more recommendations/tips after watching the video?

Your back foot is too high for a static mount. Start it at 8:00 rather than 11:00. Practice putting one foot on the back pedal and hopping over the unicycle (just step off the front with the other foot instead of trying to land on the pedal). This should give you a feel for the motion. Then try the mount.

Another strategy is to put a small wooden block behind the wheel to keep it from rolling back. Mount as normal. After you get used to it and can make it work most of the time stop using the block.

Good luck.


We went through this with someone else not too long ago.

I only watched for a few tries so didn’t see where you ended up at the end of your practice session.

First some terminology otherwise it gets really confusing:

Static mount: Wheel moves barely or not at all
Roll back mount: Wheel rolls back under you until you are leaning forward.

There are some, not many who have been succesfull with what I call the ‘dead zone mount’ and that is where you mount by either starting with your foot at 6:00 or you push it to the 6:00 position. Some people call THIS a static mount and that is where things get really confusing as more people post ideas and tips for learning.

What you are doing is a cross between the Static and the Roll back mount, essentially the dead zone mount. You are starting with your foot back and then stepping up on to the back pedal. As it rolls to towards the 6:00 dead zone you are ‘catching’ the rising pedal. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. The timing has to be exact. On both the static and roll-back mount the timing is still important but not as critical as on the dead zone mount

I’m gonna recommend you learn the static mount first. I learned the roll back mount first but the static mount is more versatile. The roll back mount is fun but there is a simple grace that I like in a well done Static mount.

To do the static mount you have to learn one ‘trick’ and that is to jump up and forward putting next to no pressure on the back pedal. As Scott said a curb or piece of wood can help you get the feel of the mount. The ‘feel’ of the mount is of jumping up and over, kind of riding over the top of the uni with your weight in the seat. As you come over the top you put your foot on the front pedal and as you go past the balance point you start pedaling.

On a smaller wheel like a 20" there is almost no hop. It’s almost just like stepping forward and start pedaling (well at least if your 6’ like me). While on the 29" or bigger it’s quite the hop to go over the top. The 24" is somewhere in the middle. I learned the static mount on a 29" and it took many/many/many tries to get it to >90% success. If I had to do it over again I would have done some one footed hopping to build up my muscles first.

So where should your back foot start? Whereever works best for you. You might start with your back foot at 3:00 (and that is a good position for using the curb mount).

You may find that you have more luck with your back pedal lower like 4:00. Or with it higher like 2:00. There is a vid on you tube where the rider recommends that higher position because then you are kind of jamming the pedal in line with the crank so it doesn’t move much. While I have tried that approach I did not like it.

I find that where I put my back foot depends on the size of the wheel. On my 29" 3:00 or higher is just too big a jump for me so I start with my back foot lower like 4:00. On my 20" I start with my back foot at 3:00. On my 24" I still use my original roll back mount just because that was my first mount on my first uni and it just feels ‘right’ to me after having done it so many times. But when I do static mount the 24" I use 3:00 or just a little lower.

Quite a few people have had luck with reaching down and grabbing the wheel in front of the frame while they static mount the uni. Once they have the feel of the mount it seems like it’s an easy progression to doing the mount with out the ‘steadying’ hand. My stiff old man’s back would not even let me consider that method. But it has worked for lots of people.

So mix it up and try different things and you will get there. You will find what works for you.

Yes, if you don’t have a curb get a piece of wood!

First you need to get the ‘feel’ of the hopping action, it is very strange to start with. Once you have got it sorted with a backstop then you can start trying it without, but you will have an idea of the motion/feel that you need to be achieving.

Waalrus has a note above somewhere where he said that he leaned new tricks with one foot first, presumably his dominant, and then learned them with the other foot. His thinking was that he had already learned to do the trick before he tried it with his ‘weaker’ foot. That makes sense to me too.


Thank you for all feedback and recommendations; I will try them ;looking forward to try all your points! :slight_smile:

Something I told my friend to do when learning to freemount was just try to hold one foot up in the air and then, without moving that foot, hop your other foot forwards. If you can do that then you can pretty much static mount. That teaches you to keep all the weight off your foot you have on the pedal.


Awesome video! You have a great place to practice and you look fantastic in the video! You must be stoked! I agree with scott’s advice to start with the pedal closer to the ground, but otherwise you just need to keep practicing. Between today and yesterday I got 5+ hours practice on my new 75mm cranks. It took a few minutes to get used to mounting and my unsuccessful attempts were when I started with the pedal too high.