468 Days to Land This Trick 😵🥲

I want to start by giving a huge thanks to everyone’s help making this video documenting the journey to landing the uniwhip.

Shout out to Spencer Hochberg, Chris Huriwai,Sam La Hood, Tim Desmet, Emile Mathieu, Matthew Manson, Cicada Poole, Raphael Pöham, Nick Wilson, & David Moscoe for all their contributions towards this video. I can’t stress it enough, THANK YOU 🙏

This video took so much damn effort. The most effort I’ve put into an edit to this day! Please, like and share if you enjoyed this video & want to support the channel 😊 Show your love for this awesome sport ❤️

*PS if these ever get too spammy please let me know. Any feedback is welcomed!


Great video, great story telling, really enjoyed this one! I’m still amazed that you have taken uniwhips to a point where you can do them down stairs. For a long time after Adrien got the first one I thought that they were just too hard for anyone to get them consistent, you proved me wrong.


We don’t get a huge amount of urban/flat/trials content on this forum (most ends up on skrrrt) so I’m enjoying the videos.


Very much enjoyed this video. Thanks for posting it here. Not spammy at all in my opinion.


I agree with Ruari. You did a great job with this video! Covering the history/origins of the trick, your motivation, your progress (and lack thereof, at times), as well as showing video of the day you nailed it and the years following, in which it became your signature trick, all made for a very informative, entertaining, and motivating video.


Amazing! Excellent share :slight_smile:

Now, this might be a stupid question, but aren’t you ever scared of spraining an ankle or something? Cause I am…

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Dude thanks! I’m trying to spread this stuff as far as I can through the une community so it’s good to hear that you’re liking it here :slight_smile: Glad you’re enjoying the videos, thank you!

Thank you man! Glad it doesn’t feel spammy. I didn’t think it was (I may be bias) but I think it’s good to ask.

Thank you ! I’m really glad to hear your input and really happy it was a good video for you. I’m hoping I can only get better from here too :slight_smile: Especially with comments and responses like this. Thanks again!

Thanks Linda!

Not stupid at all - There is definitely a fear of hurting myself. My ankles and shins are definitely one of my biggest concerns as I’ve had some really bad shinners and ankle injuries. I’ve gotten really use to that fear and at some point I’m able to turn it off. But it still scares me and occasionally I do mess up my ankles and/or shins :dizzy_face:


Put that video in the thread: Videos that inspire you


Thanks man <3 Glad to hear it inspired you :grin:

WoW !, 1st that’s how I get up in the morning.
2nd, I almost cried when you finally landed it.
3rd, Thanx 4 Sharing this inspiring video.


How many people in the world can make this trick now?

Interesting video; great narration, and awesome goal met.