42mm Bearings into a 40mm Frame?

Okay, I have been hearing a lot recently about the people with Nimbus II and Yuni frames running Kh 42mm hub and cranks in those frames, and one case of someone having the Koxx hub in a yuni frame.

I wish I had a 42mm bearing to test my frame with, so I wouldnt have to create this thread, but seeing how I only have 40mm bearings from my DX hub, I cant test it out, thats where you guys step in. =p

I wanna make sure that the 42mm KH Moment hub will fit into my 40mm Nimbus II frame. If any of you could test this for me and guarantee me that it will fit, I will be most thankful. =p

I have sent e-mails to UDC and Darren asking if they could test it out, but so far no reply from neither of them.

I just dont want to go buy a $150 hub and cranks, get, hopping it will work based on what a few people on here have done, then have it not fit on mine.

If you could include pictures of how it fits, that would be nice too. :smiley:

just look at the hoppley. the bearing holders have a big gap between them because the bearings are 42mm and the frame is for 40mm.

Yeah but there’s a fair gap even when you’re running 40mm bearings. I went from running 40 to 42mm in a nimbus II. The bolts were only just long enough i must admit, but you could always get some longer ones to ensure the bolt cuts in to the nylon inset of the nut. But that’s a good point, UDC does sell unis with 42mm bearings in nimbus frames as standard.

Thanks. I made some shims with a pop can earlier.

I made them 12 layers thick, then made them 16 layers thick just to make sure. I probably shimmed my bearings to 44mm, and it fit in with just enough bolt room.

Ill be buying the KH hub and cranks in a week. =p