40 In unicycle

i noticed on ebay the other day a 40 in unicycle from TUf (the unicycle factory)
it was cheap so i clicked buy it now and i have a 40 in unicycle on the way ill let you know how it is when i get it

Wow. You’d need some long legs to ride a 40in unicycle. Or some sort of a chain system. Hmm…

Have you got any pics of it from anywhere? How much was it?

thats the pic and it was just over $100

Does it have a solid rubber tyre, or a pneumatic tyre so that you can pump it up?

Big wheel unicycles with solid tyres are not really uncommon but they’re not comfy at all. Pneumatic tyres larger than 36" are not commercially available AFAIK, at least not in widths suitable for a unicycle. The best way to get a big pneumatic tyre is to build one by ‘combining’ two smaller tyres.

Edit: strange seat too. I’m guessing is is a vintage unicycle with solid tyre. “Solid” meaning that it may be closed cell foam so it may have some squishiness, that is what Semcycle used to manufacture about 10 years ago, I think in 43" size or thereabout.

it is solod tire and as soon as i get it i am putting a seat from another uni on it the unicycle is a little older but will get me to and from work alot faster than my 26 in well should anyway seeing as i dont drive it is nice to unicycle to work and everywhewre i go. nothing is over 2 miles away

It might not be much faster. I have a 46" uni, and it certainly isn’t a uni I’d ride fast under any conditions. My 26" is faster, and my Coker and guni are faster still. A hard-rubber tire isn’t my idea of fun; nor is that seat.

The $100 is a great deal for a Tommy Miller big wheel. You scored big time. As David pointed out, it will be difficult to make a solid tire unicycle comfortable to ride for long distances. They are real bone rattlers. But on a gym floor or even on very smooth asphalt they are remarkable unicycles. They are very light weight and nimble. At high speeds the lack of mass translates into wobbling when trying to ride in a straight line.

Only 2" longer than to ride a Coker. It is the radius that makes the difference, not the diameter. Most Coker riders have 2" adjustment available in their seat height. The rest of the adjustment could be taken up by slightly shorter cranks.

I don’t know if he stillposts, but a poster called Jagur once advertised a 47" uni for sale in this forum.

Penny farthing bikes often used to have 60" wheels or bigger.

P.S. Nice purchase.

Lots of coker riders want to go with small tires with high pressure ratings anyways, I am sure you could combat the hard tire somewhat with a freeride saddle, or maybe you can go with a lower durometer of rubber from a wheelchair or something. Great purchase!

Just a regular bicycle seat right there.

nice find!!

What’s a bicycle? :slight_smile:

If the solid tire gets too hard to ride I can take the whole shebang off of your hands;) (I’ll give you a little bit of profit? lol…)
Just don’t bother sending that seat.

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i am having fun with it already but i dont think ill ever give this uni up

Pics or Vids of you riding it mate?

as soon as i get a chance ill put them on

Do you have experience on a regular 36"? How do they compare?

i saw that on ebay myself, what part of jersey are you from?