3D printer to make a custom brake lever extension?

I’ve never used a 3D printer. Do you think it would be possible to make a lever extension similar to the KH ones? What would be the durability of the crafted part?

Yes, it would be possible, if you find someone who makes a 3d model of one. I’d expect the durability to be similar to the KH plastic ones, depending on the material you choose.


Actually they are pretty solid.

It is possible but I do not think a “plasticy” one will do. Wait a couple more years as they are working on a metal version. There are few metal 3d printers out there but kind of expensive.

I 3d printed an ipad tablet stand from Thingiverse which came out pretty good.

you should contact “Thierry 92” on the french forum
He built one using a 3D printer and it’s pretty durable.


My 24" Muni already contains one metal printed part :slight_smile:

You can use 80% hollow plastic till 3D printed titanium.
So corresponding, the durability will bad or perfect - or in between.

Myself I considered 3D printed titanium paths (joints) when I design my titanium frame for pair unicycling. But choosed for CNC’ed solution, but such that the disadvantage of CNC was eliminated to the very root.

What I would consider in your case: print something around an inforcement.

Would that be Thierry Bouche, one of the pioneers of Mountain Unicycling?

no: this Thierry is a beginner with lot of courage and will who built components for a cheap 24" muni (he has a 3D printer)
we are encouraging him! (92 is a code for a “département” - administrative part of France- Here it’s South-West of Paris )