39 360 Unispins In A Row.

I finally got around to editing this. Anyway it’s 39 360 unispins in a row. It was actually 40 and I fell on the 41st but the camera ran out of space after the 39th.

How do you not get tired?

that was good stuff.

I did, very tired. I was breathing very heavily after it.

WOW thats so cool!!! AWESOME

You’ve got the guinnes now no? :astonished: :wink:

What is that?

nice… now I want you to get 40 540s in a row. whens that coming?

Good Job man. You’re cool

I find it funny that on youtube someone posted that you need more diversity in your tricks. haha

Yes that is quite funny.

wow great! (The “music” gave me a headache tho, haha :astonished: ) Just out of curiousity, why didn’t you do them all in one place? You were riding, but then stopped for eash unispin, so I just wondered what was the reason for continuing to move forward, only to stop cold for each one? Is it easier to time them that way?

Either way that was impressive…I’m still trying to do just one! :slight_smile:

WAy less tiring doing them moving.you have the ability to catch your breath.

They also said nice editing but there was only one clips so there wasn’t really editing.

It is much smoother rolling. It doesn’t look as good to static hop before and after a unispin.

Good job Reef, looks really tiring.

Nice. I’ll beat that.

jeez reef you need “more diversety in your tricks” however that was “great editing”


+=+=+=> i really liked the video, im gonna go out and see how many i can do tomorrow, that was nice tho very clean

time for them 5s bro. good job tho.

What if you did that many unispins in a row with no prehops in between? Everytime you land back on the pedals you jump right back up again into your next 360! That would look awesome! :sunglasses:

hahaha, when I saw this video I’ve thought do another video (I can’t tell you how, but it’s going to be tired… veeeeeeery tired, and bored, very bored! ) :smiley:

When hell freezes over. Nah i’ll work on it.

Thanks for the comments everyone and Terry, I did it rolling because it looks better, is less tiring and that’s just how I roll nowadays, and the static with no hops would be realllllllllllllyyy hard. Oh yeah and that song, I’m pretty sure it’s a joke by Queens Of The Stone age. if it isn’t I still find it funny. And if it gave you a headache, you should listen to the song, I Think I Lost My Headache by Queens Of The Stone Age hahahaha.

I like the whole one clip that was extremily impressive. Nice unicycle and sweet riding, but the music was a bit painful.