36er TPU tubes!

Well… It can be both. When using the “push pump”, the core can pull out. But it can also unscrew when I simply put the “core cover” on. (Is that the right word?)
So, be gentle when you do any operation on the valve. And put some threadlock if you have any issue :smile:

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My feedback on the TRENTASEI TPU inner tube.

I use it in my G36 with the braus carbon rim and KG ultimate tire at 3 bar pressure (I weigh 150 lbs).

I’ve seen no loss of pressure, no more and no less than with a butyl inner tube, and the valve obus has never come off unintentionally.

I’m on my 2nd puncture (1 on each tube). I’ve ridden about 1000km with the 2 TPU tubes, but the tire has a lot more. And I’ve had very few punctures before, but I think that with a butyl inner tube, I would have punctured the same way.
The repair is easy and seems resistant.
The first time, a small piece of glass was lodged in the tire, and more recently, there was nothing in the tire but it was cut.

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Still haven’t punctured my first tube, although I have ridden in broken glass a few times :grin:
I’m wondering whether the NightRider tire could be a bit more resistant than the King George tire as it is a bit heavier.

Did you follow the procedure? Put the patch then let it rest for 8 hours before inflating it again? Or did you just do an usual repair + immediate inflating? Just wondering, if I ever puncture my tube :slight_smile:

Whether it’s a butyl or TPU tube, when I get a puncture I always change the tube, and do the repair later.

I don’t have any feedback on repairs since I haven’t ridden with a repaired inner tube. I’ve only been riding for a few days with the tube I repaired last November.
I shouldn’t have said it was resistant, it seems resistant and the patches are easy to stick.

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Still no problems at all. But compared to many people here I don‘t ride a whole lot. And the muni sees less use since I bought a 29er for the daily trips on paved and gravel roads.

@www.einradshop.ch : any news from the TPU tubes testers? Do you plan to get more samples or a first batch?

The tubes are in production. There will be 20x 4.0, 24x4.0 and 36" tubes. Since I am also ordering tires, the delivery will not be by air but by sea freight. It will probably take around 3 - 4 months until I have the parts here. Now I hope that there will be even thicker 36" tires one day, the tube fits this 2.25" width, but it also fits up to at least 3".