36er TPU tubes!

Thanks for the info. I really dislike that company as they’re prices are usually 50% higher than the competition, which could be why they still have stock. Unless I was desperate, I would order from them. They also charge about $9 to ship a tube. Yeah, no.



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I have received my 2 tubes two days ago. First good point, the mass is similar to what was announced: 108g ± 5g

Just finished the setup on my Braus Alchemist carbon rim, with NR Lite tire. Second good point, it was easier to set up than with a stretched 29er tube. We don’t have to bother with stretch the tube, which saves some troubles.

The bad point now. The tubes are glued together in a strange way. On below picture, you can observe that:

When inflating the tube, it looks like this gluing prevents the tube to inflate correctly. The tire does not inflate homogeneously. Not sure how it feels when riding it, but I’m a bit afraid. I’ll have to give it a try this week-end.
However, this point may “go away” as the tube may correctly stretch when it will have been inflated for a few hours. It’s been less than one hour since I’ve inflated it. So let’s wait a bit before any conclusion :slight_smile:


Here’s to hoping good things for you!

Out of curiosity can tpu tubes be stretched like a 29" regular tube? Like the ones I’m looking at for my 29" build say they have more strength than rubber so could a back up be a larger 29"+ TPU tube?

I haven’t tried to stretch it, but it seems to be way more rigid than rubber tubes. There’s little chances for it to work as a back up.

Update: I have tried to put a bit more pressure. 2.5 bars for now. The “glued” part seems to still be there, but the “holy” behavior of the tire seems negligible. I’ll let it rest for a few more hours before trying to ride it.

I was able to use a 2.5" TPU tube in a 2.6" tire, but it won’t stretch more than that. You can’t stretch a 29 TPU tube in a 36 wheel


So, first ride with the 36er TPU tube. No bump on the glued part, everything seems fine. The wheel is the lighter it has ever been, so a pleasure to ride. The tube seems to keep the pressure fine for the moment. Let’s wait a few more rides, but this feels great! :smiley:


Maxence, it is the best tube we could ride. I’m switching every wheel to TPU (as far as I keep going crazy with rope spokes) or tubeless+sealant (which is however more work, more check, more dirt than a TPU tube)


Time will tell :slight_smile:
I still have to check whether it is puncture-proof and how easy it is to repair in such a case.

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I don’t pretend it to be puncture-proof, I don’t trust that statement about TPU tubes. I just like weight and firmness, it doesn’t collapse even with lower PSI giving a better comfort without risking my rim.

However if I wasn’t using rope spokes (which cannot retain enought tension in tubeless setup), I would use only tubeless+sealant.Don’t know why unyciclists doesn’t encourage tubeless.

It requires more care, but it is far better than any other setup


Anyone have a link to where to buy the 36er TPU tube in the US?

You should directly check with the manufacturer: info [at] 36pollici.it

You bought them directly from the manufacturer?



Just got my new pair of 36-in TPU tubes, and so far I’m very impressed! (Thanks Luca! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:) Unbelievably lightweight at under 4 oz which makes it about 6.5 times lighter than the traditional butyl rubber 36er tube. I will say it was a little bit of a challenge to get it mounted on the rim and fully inside the tire, but once I did I was able to inflate it up to 55 PSI no problem. But there is one thing that I was curious about. The stem does not have threads so it cannot be locked down to the rim. Anyone know why it doesn’t have threads?


Might just be a TPU thing. I got 2 for my 29" recently and it was the same thing. Both were presta.

A guess I’ll admit it - but I wonder if on normal rubber tubes with Presta valves they’re meant to be screwed to the vale hole as this kind of tube stretches so it is wise to anchor one point to that area.

I believe TPU does stretch ever so slightly but I picture it as moving by very minimally. So perhaps it is that it benefits it if the tube can somewhat shift around in the tyre well and that therefore it isn’t advisable (or just plain not needed) to have it screwed to one location — if it were screwed to the valve hole it might cause problems with how the material fines its shape and place when under pressure.

As I say, this is all just speculation. I bet the answer is more simple: a screw fastener just isn’t needed.

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Could also be a weight thing, my TPU tubes had the weight advertised on the box and 1 little metal bit gone is still weight savings.

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On regular tubes with non-threaded stem, I have used a bit of electrical tape to reduce the motion of the stem (in my case, it was mostly to prevent the stem from plunging into the rim when trying to attach the pump’s head).
It is simple, cheap and without major risks. And for those concerned about weight, it is quite light :stuck_out_tongue:

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