36er TPU tubes!

Might just be a TPU thing. I got 2 for my 29" recently and it was the same thing. Both were presta.

A guess I’ll admit it - but I wonder if on normal rubber tubes with Presta valves they’re meant to be screwed to the vale hole as this kind of tube stretches so it is wise to anchor one point to that area.

I believe TPU does stretch ever so slightly but I picture it as moving by very minimally. So perhaps it is that it benefits it if the tube can somewhat shift around in the tyre well and that therefore it isn’t advisable (or just plain not needed) to have it screwed to one location — if it were screwed to the valve hole it might cause problems with how the material fines its shape and place when under pressure.

As I say, this is all just speculation. I bet the answer is more simple: a screw fastener just isn’t needed.

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Could also be a weight thing, my TPU tubes had the weight advertised on the box and 1 little metal bit gone is still weight savings.

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On regular tubes with non-threaded stem, I have used a bit of electrical tape to reduce the motion of the stem (in my case, it was mostly to prevent the stem from plunging into the rim when trying to attach the pump’s head).
It is simple, cheap and without major risks. And for those concerned about weight, it is quite light :stuck_out_tongue:

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How do these compare to the unicycle.com “Nimbus Lite” EFT/TPE tubes?

I see these are significantly lighter - 104g vs 247g for the EFT.

The EFTs lose air - 5-10 psi/night according to the spec page. Do these have the same issue?

The EFTs are more or less unpatchable. Supposedly a patch kit exists, but it’s hard to find and is reportedly unreliable. What’s the story with these ones?

I have the Nimbus Lite “clear” tubes which are rebranded FOSS tubes. Not had any issues at all in over 10 years. Yes, I’ve had a couple flats from thorn punctures. I suppose I was lucky to get a pack of FOSS glueless patches - they worked flawlessly. I just wish the FOSS tubes and the subject tubes were more readily available.

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I can say for my TPU tubes, they lose air a bit faster than my $5 Decathalon tubes hub maybe it’s an extra fill twice a week vs once a week.

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A 29" Michelin Butyl tube, as used by quite a few of us with no issues is 168g. And costs about 6€ in Europe. I find it hard to beat.
I’ve had Foss tubes and they’re fine until you get a flat.
The italian TPU one seems nice, but what is the cost?


Seems like a fair price to me - if they’re as robots and as easy to install as they appear.

Looking forward to testing my set once I get them and the wheel they’re headed into sorted.

Are you sure about your measurements? I recall them to be around 180g. BTW, they can"t be repaired and they can be tricky to set up into a Braus Alchemist carbon rim.
If those new TPU tubes are really puncture-proof, then they are way better than the Michelin Butyl tubes.

I think TPU Tubes are a great thing! I’ve been riding a Revoloop Fatty tube for about a year. So far no defect. It’s just a pity that they don’t come with car valves. I find mounting a bit more difficult. You really have to be careful that nothing is pinched, because the hose is quite stubborn. Once mounted, it no longer causes any problems and i don’t notice the lower weight while driving, but when i start and brake

I picked the number on their website. But you’re right, sometimes they are advertised at 175g. And yep you shouldn’t patch them because of how much they are stretched.
Now of course the TPU tubes sound cool. But what price are they?

Scroll up a few posts. I replied quoting what the price is before.

It’s focused on the bike world, hence you get two. Perhaps Luca can one day do unicycle option. As in just one tube.

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I’ve seen the same number on their website. But the packaging has changed, maybe the product has also changed (?).

€30/piece, sold as a pair. So €60 for a pack. That’s quite an investment, way more expensive than a €5/piece 29er tube. But they are easier to set up, there is less chance you pinch it while setting it up - how many 29er tubes have I lost because of a pinch? - and they may be more puncture-proof. So you may find these TPU tubes cheaper than 29er tubes at the end of the day!


€30 is certainly expensive, but for the number of people who jumped at buying a lightweight Nightrider tyre or a carbon rim when they came out, it doesn’t seem unreasonable if they last.

I thought Foss tubes were expensive to start with, but aside from blowing one up after trapping it during installation (it was fine for a ride of about 20 miles too) I’ve had zero issues with them over about a decade.

I’m not going to buy a singular one (or even a pair) direct and get them shipped to me right now but if UDC (@rogeratunicycledotcom) gets them in stock, I’ll probably pick one up with my next order of parts.


We are intending to get them in, just working on logistics.


I’ve not had much time to ride my 36er but I’ve done ~100 km with this TPU tube. It feels really great. Light, responsive, behavior can be predicted, … Furthermore, it was easy to set up. In fact, way easier than my old stretched 29er tubes. That’s a perfect until now :slight_smile:

I still have to assess how puncture-poof and easy to repair they are. I hope it’ll be in a long time !


Installing the TPU tube. Was worried I’d not get it in rim/tyre as it seems to behave very differently to normal tubes.

I wasn’t sure but did put a small amount of air in tube before trying to evenly place it in tyre. I think I got it evenly inside but wasn’t sure if it twisted - although it doesn’t seem like it can twist much. Nothing was trapped under tyre edge or the like and it is pumping up nicely - barring one area I didn’t really understand.

Just right to the valve stem I can feel a narrower section - With the part before and after feeling fatter, or as far as the rest of the tube in the tyre.

Is this where the glued join section is? Is this normal for this kind of tube?

The photos shows the less inflated patch - up from value directly opposite to spoke.

Hope this is normal :crossed_fingers:

It is. I have the same behavior on my own 36er TPU tube but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I was worried at first, but you can’t feel it when riding :slight_smile:

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