36er Decision

Hi I am looking at getting a 36er pretty soon and have been looking at all of the ones available. I found a 36 Qu-Ax Luxus for $325 and I know they are a bit heavier than some of the other models but for the price and as an entry level 36er is it worth getting or should I just spend the more money to get a better one?

Also if I get the 36 Luxus could I use the Nimbus D’Brake Adapter and Spirit Cranks to add a disc brake on it?

$325 is a smokin deal on any 36er. You get used to what you ride. If you have the extra income, sure there are nicer wheels, but it’s not a bad one by any stretch of the imagination. Spirit cranks should be fine, not sure if any old luxus models had a square tapered hub, but if it’s relatively new it should be ISIS splined. May want to use whatever is on there first, then get some nice 125 spirits when you get used to it, maybe smaller depending on where you ride.

I believe the luxus also has 42mm bearings, so you should be good with the d-brake adapter too, but I’m trusting what I see on the spec sheet from UDC UK on the luxus. You really don’t need a brake on a 36. I only have one on the geared 36, and even then it’s scary to use unless it’s on a pretty steep downhill. I don’t ride them on muni either though, so clearly that’s strictly my opinion. : P I’m just not a brake person.

Absolutely worth it. You can always upgrade later.

You would have to pay double that for anything significantly better. I think $325 is a good enough deal that it’s not worth going up in quality.

Yeah it is an ISIS Hub which is nice so it is stronger and I have more crank options. I am just waiting to hear back from Goudurix tomorrow morning on the shipping cost they seem to be having a hard time getting me a shipping cost so I can place the order.

I was looking at some of the more expensive models but I figured for a starter 36er and a Isis Hub the price was a pretty good deal so I can ride around the city easier with my wife on her bike.

geared hub before you know it O:-) only took me 5 years to get one. . .

So Goudurix got back to me and shipping was $50 so all together it was only $375 which I think is a good deal. It will be in Friday according to the tracking number. I will ride it a bit and see if I want to add brakes or not to it once I get accustomed to it.

It comes with 145mm cranks which should be alright. I am riding 150s on my 29er. I am assuming I will need to upgrade the saddle at one point I heard they aren’t the most comfortable of saddles. I was kind of thinking of a KH Zero saddle and a touring bar as upgrades in the near future.

I’ve been happy with my Qu-Ax 36er - the saddle isn’t the greatest but it’s usable and I’ve done a few 30+ milers on it. It’s a fair bit heavier than an Oracle (And some of that weight is in the tyre and the extra 12 spokes in the wheel, where it really matters) but it’s completely usable :smiley:

There is apparently a new lighter-weight TA tyre, so maybe ask if you can have that on your Qu-Ax instead of the older, heavier one?

Don’t worry about “a little extra weight” since all 36ers are heavy. It doesn’t matter which one you get in terms of weight.

I love my custom KH, but I also love my old 2002 Coker. Guess I’m not very much help.

I am definitely looking forward to riding a 36er. I am hoping it will be a bit of an increase in speed compared to my 29er so I can keep up a bit easier with my wife at times.

I know there will be an adjustment period but from riding mainly just the 29 will the adjustment be that major? I went from a 20 to a 29 and it took me a few days to get comfortable with it and be able to ride decently again but at the time I was only riding for about a month or so at most. I am still a huge beginner but a lot better than what I was a few months ago at least.

The wheel will feel a bit heavier than you’re used to since the cranks are pretty similar. I went from a 29er with 125’s to a Coker with 150’s and found it to be an easy transition. Depending on how you mount that could add to the learning curve. Since the wheel is so heavy it’s difficult to do a rollback mount. A jump mount works really well especially if you use your forward momentum from the jump to start the wheel moving.

I normally do a mix of a static mount and a rolling mount. I have never done the rollback mount as a normal way to get on when I freemount.

That’s exactly what I did pretty much - went from 29er/125mm to 36er/145mm. Was an easy transition, especially as I was already good at jump/rolling mounts. But I went from 145mm to 125mm on the 36er very quickly (within about a week) as I found the 145’s too bouncy :smiley: Yes, my pedalling technique is poor, though it’s improved a lot since I’ve started wearing my MTB shoes instead of my heavy boots.