360 unispin competion

ok so im sure this has been done before but yeah

not really any rules except you can’t already be able to do it

you can do it on to somthing, off somthing, flat, whateve

this is the siggy thing you win


count me in

I’m in. you should put 08 beside the sig thing that way we know which ones did the competition in previous years.

Im in too

I shall try.

me to

If my unicycle wasn’t broken…

If my leg wasn’t broken…

This trophy comes 3 weeks too late for me. I just learned them :angry: :frowning:

I’m in, I’ve never landed one but really want to.

ok cool btw i am gona be playing to because i just barely can land a 180 so im in to if thats ok

ok so ill change the sig to say 08 later

Can’t really practice in my house and outside it’s raining.


Never the less, I suppose I’m in, just about a 1/1000 chance I could land one in the next week or two.


I’m in.

I got 180s down pretty well now both regular and blind. It seems like I should be close to getting a 360, but when I try, my feet are already down near the pedals when the uni comes around, and then they hit the ground. I gotta learn to jump higher or spin faster.

me too. :frowning:

Im in

im definately in, im not gunna win because i need to order a new seat and thatl take afew days, someones bound to get it before then. but this is a good motivation! i have 180s down pretty good but cant get the 360!

Same, apart from I can’t do 180’s blind. But my feet hit the ground as the pedals come round so I think I just need to jump higher.

I think we should make this one last a long time, mainly because I’m a long way from getting 360’s! I still haven’t managed to land a 180, but with the right encouragement I’m sure I could have a damn good go at getting a 360.

Count Me In!

i’m in (got work soon tho, so that should give you guys a few hours headstart on me) :wink:

A few hourse :astonished: ?!

I need a few weeks!