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Has anyone done a 360 hop? Iv’e only had a unicycle since christmas and I can easily do a 180 hop so I think it would be doable.

tips (although I can only do about a 300)

if you’re turning to the right:

extend your left arm up and back as far as it will go.
as you’re swinging that arm forward and to the right (this gives alot of momentum), turn your head to the right.

the combo of these to movements (as you hop, of of course) help you in getting past the 180+ point.

Good luck, it’s not THAT hard, just like everything else…it can be done with practice, and lots of people can do it

i can only do 270s

On flat ground, a 360 hop spin (as opposed to a 360 uni spin) is extremely rare. It involves doing something I call an Axle Jump. You ride into a partial spin to generate some angular (spinning) momentum, then jump and try to whip around in the air, landing and riding forward out of it. But the average axle jump, especially when done poorly, is still a lot less than 360.

I demonstrated a bunch of those for Dana Schneider a few years ago, when she was a super-stickler Standard Skill world champion. She says I never got to a full 360 in the air. Jack Halpern claimed that Yuichiro Kato was managing 720s, but I never saw one. I’m sure he can at least make the 360, but he’s probably one of a handful of people that can do it.

With a gravity assist, such as jumping off something and landing at a lower point, it’s a lot easier to get more spin in. I got to see Dan Heaton make a 360 off a jump, in the middle of a hill.

For any of these types of move, you need to wind up before you leave the ground, then snap around while in the air. Though it’s pretty easy to get a 180 from a dead stillstand, it’s hard to go much beyond that.

i do 270’s oot of a stand still

and are thoughs axle spins the same thing dan/ or ryan are dooing in the end credits of UNiVERSE? (parking lot)

I don’t get the assosiation: why ‘Axle Jump’?

(good info otherwise- thanx)


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> johnfoss wrote:
> > *On flat ground, a 360 hop spin (as opposed to a 360 uni spin) is
> > extremely rare. It involves doing something I call an Axle Jump. *
> I don’t get the assosiation: why ‘Axle Jump’?

Perhaps related terminology from Figure Skating? Like “Nice triple axle
jump!”. Here is an interesting link to a site which discusses the Physics
of Axel Jumps:


Toward the bottom they discuss the limitations of arm strength, and even
bicycle wheels!

David Winston

Good question. Yes, I borrowed it from skating, but without being a skating expert. Plus I spelled it wrong. Apparently a skating axel jump is not a good comparison, as it starts forward and ends backward (or vice versa). In other words, it’s supposed to be either 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 rotations only.

So that’s what I’ve called it for many years, though it may need a better name. The idea in unicycling is that there is a vertical axis passing through the rider and unicycle as they’re in the air, and we are rotating around it.

We don’t have all the permutations of foot-related jump types that skating does. What I call an axle (axel?) jump could be .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, etc. rotations. It’s always just one tire on the floor, and it doesn’t really matter which “edge” or foot you take off or land with. It’s all rubber.

This may change in the future, though I’m sure it will never dominate Freestyle like jumps do in skating. It seems half the skating audience just counts jumps and doesn’t necessarily notice any of the “art” the skaters are doing today.

But back to unicycling, it’s also possible to cheat in your jumps. Though I always land and take off riding forward, there are two ways I (or anyone) can “cheat” on a 360 of this nature. First, you’re generally riding in a curve. You may not ride out of the jump in the same line that you rode in. Second, you may have landed before completing all of your rotation, and finished it by twisting the tire the rest of the way on the ground.

That’s why it’s hard to do those high-degree rotations. 270 is about the most I can imagine from a standing start. But for axle jumps, I think it’s only a matter of time before people start doing double rotations and more.

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I can just hop in one spot and do a 360. But, I haven’t got the rolling ones
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My friend Sean was working on this and he was stopping doing 2 hopps and would start spinning and wold usually do a 90° 90° 180° combo easy and when he stopped crouched and lept hard to his right he kapt both hands in(both on the handle when in the air) and easily made a 360° turn.

Ill put some pics if i can.

R u talkin about 360s from a standstill? or riding into one?

I can 180 from a standstill on uni (and giraffe) and thats about it. I can only bout 270 on my uni when i ride into it, but discuise it into a 360, with a ride in, and a ride out.

The info is really helpfull. Cheers,