36" Unicycle and Penny Farthing ride

We are organising a large Wheel and Penny Farthing ride in Teesside (UK) on the 15th August. You can read more about it here:


The ride is split in to different sections so you can do as little as 15 miles or you can do the full 50.

Hope to see you along.


Good plan; sounds fun! Shame I can’t make that weekend - hope there are plenty of big wheelers who can.

I recognise the chap at the front - he’s local to me

I’d love to make it to this one, if I can figure out a way to get there…Is anyone passing Lincolnshire to get there? I’ll happily pay toward petrol costs :slight_smile:

I’d like to see any unicycles that are larger than the wheels in that picture! I love the big ones. :slight_smile:

This is cool, but I’m puzzling over what happens on a UPD.

If you go over the falls it looks you’d get all tangled up in the handlebars, and if you fall to the side from that height you’d break your wrist, elbow, shoulder, collarbone, or hip. (esp. since PF riders seem to be in the over-40/non-rubbery category.)

Is there a special UPD technique?

If there is I didn’t get it on my first (and only) try of my uncle’s penny…
I lost my momentum going up a slight slope, tried to go off it sideways and missed the floor by a few inches with my foot. My elbow and knee got a bit scraped, but nothing too serious…I was still able to ride my uni home :slight_smile:

Yes, don’t. I understand they’re harder to fall of than a uni though.