36" frame needed (brake compatibility issue)

I bought a 36" wheel from someone on this forum, it did not come with a frame so I ordered a Kris Holms frame with the 100mm bearing pitch. Today I got all the parts and put it together and the brakes do not fit together. I didnt know that having the brake rotor on the outside of the frame was an option!

I would like to return this frame and order the correct frame but it seems that a qu-ax frame is hard to get in the US. Does anyone know of any other options of frames that I could get In the US. I know that cranks with the brake rotor outside the frame is an option too.

Nimbus or Mad4One (they ship worldwide). But, you should be able to use your KH frame anyway (as per the other thread).

I saw your post on the other thread but I’m replying this since I didnt want to hijack the other thread.

Can you send me a link to a “d’brake adapter” that will work for a frame with the mounting tabs setup for outside brakes

The Mad4One isnt available until April

The 36" Numbus has a bearing pitch of 127mm so it wont work on the 100mm pitch wheel that I have.

spirit cranks are an option(I didnt know that was the name, but I saw the option for rotors outside the frame) not something I prefer since my hub has a rotor mounting.

That’s really strange that the Nimbus Oracle 32” and 36” say 127mm bearing pitch as I’m unaware of any hubs that have a 127mm pitch. I’m guessing there is a typo and that 100mm is the actual pitch. Maybe @rogeratunicycledotcom can shed some light on this?

Yes, the Nimbus 32" and 36" unicycles (as well as the Hatchett) use 125mm bearing pitch.

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D’brake link for US: Nimbus D'Brake Disc Brake Mount | Unicycle.com

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That looks like it will do what I want, but it doesnt say if it is for 42mm or 40mm bearings. I assume it’s for 40mm since thats what most are, but I think my 36" has 42mm. I guess I’ll email unicycle.com

The D-Brake is designed for 42mm bearings as it is the standard size on ISIS hub (and I guess quaxle).
So go, it is the part you need :wink:

Thats good news!
I broke a cotterless crank years ago and replaced it with an ISIS crank and looking at the stuff then I thought most were 40mm but maybe my memory is just failing me.

This is probably the best option for me then

Oh, 125mm pitch makes sense. Not sure why the frames list it as 127 but I guess there is flex in the arms. Not sure why I spaced out and totally forgot about 125 being a thing.

Might be worth contacting UDC US to see if they also now have the Nimbus 100mm Dual Disk 36” Frame


Unigoof - It is simply to do with spoke angles. 100mm bearing spacing gives a spoke angle that are below the recommended for bikes… this is why Nimbus chose to go for 125mm (not 127) for their large wheel unicycles. The 125mm wide wheelsets, and hence frames, are vastly more rigid.

Q-factor. Nimbus 125mm wide frame with VCX cranks have the same Q-factor as KH frame with Spirits.

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It is also on the UK site now: 36" Nimbus BrakeFast Disc Frame - Black (unicycle.co.uk).

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I can understand why spoke angle is important, I just totally forgot about 125 being a thing when I wrote that post. But I still see on UDC US the bearing pitch listed for the 36” oracle frame and 32” as 127mm.

I will mention to UDC USA that there is a mistake on their site. Thanks for the information… sorry we are human. :slight_smile:


No need to apologize, as you said, we are human.