Nimbus 100mm Dual Disk 36" Frame

It’s finally appeared - the 100mm Nimbus dual disk mount 36er frame, designed for the Schlumpf hub with Brakefast (and one would assume likely compatible with the forthcoming 100mm internal disk Schlumpf hub too).


Shh… :shushing_face:don’t tell @finnspin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I already did it !

I ordered one and returned the other that I wrote about in another thread

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@dinocarsfast, have you received this yet? Any comments?

UDC UK have done a quick video on it now too:

One thing I hadn’t noticed originally is the shorter top of the frame to suit shorter riders - nice to see.


I think it is a nice frame because it gives such a wide range of options. Indeed many will not want or need it but… Personally I like options. Indeed I have the M4O 36er frame because… I like options. (Plus the colour because colours are also fun).

Great job Roger, any plan in the near future to produce Universal Oracle 32 / 29 / 27.5 frames ?

Do you think that there’s the market for it?

32" would be nice in order to have another 100mm frame, but smaller than that and you’ve quite a few options already for the enthusiast “swap and change” market.
This definitely ties into Hot Take: Can we finally quit putting brake tabs on the wrong side? - I can’t see there being a large enough market longer term to justify having very similar alternative versions of what already exists, unless UDC decided to make the whole Oracle range have tabs on both sides.

My current 32 with Mad4One “Muni L” size frame (with 2 disc tabs / 100mm bearing pitch)


Good colour choice. I am totally not biased

Yeah I agree it is perhaps getting a little too niche marketwise and in any case there is always M4O doing this already. I get why UDC did this one but I doubt they will do more. If someone wanted a 32 with 100mm they could use the 36 frame anyway.

I’ve done this, and it doesn’t look anywhere near as weird as you think it might with a round crown frame. Even a 32" in a QX or KH 36" frame doesn’t look too bad.