36" carbon rim

I don’t have a 36er, but now I might! I wish there was a weight for the rim, but I can’t find it anywhere.


What are those tires?

They appear to be a small enough brand, that someone could probably convince them to sell the rims seperately.

Rim is made by Alchemist bikes https://www.alchemistbikes.com/en/ . Not to be found on their website as a product though. Maybe someone can contact them directly, if they want a really light 36" and spend lots of money on that.

Tires are by Vee tires, which Google tells me you can get on unicycle.com US https://www.unicycle.com/vee-rubber-36-tire.html . Never heard of them, but they seem to have been around for a while.

Vee tyre is well known here, there some posts about it, I had one, nice tyre but now last Nightrider is probably a little ligher which was not the case some years ago

I absolutely want a carbon 36er. I wonder how wide those rims are? They don’t look as wide as a Nimbus but still take the standard 2.2" tyres it seems.

I contacted both Alchemist and Truebike but haven’t had a response

They look to be 32 spokes as well. Do we have any decent 32 hole uni hubs?

Yes: https://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-32h-all-steel-wide-disc-isis-hub-125mm/

Unicycles tend to have very wide rims when compared to bikes, even when factoring in our tendency to use wider tires. I’d guess some of that is probably us putting more sideloads on the wheel, at least when doing Muni. For a Road or mild cross country 36" that will have relatively high air pressure, I think whatever the carbon rim’s width is will be just fine.

The reason Nimbus rims are wide is that they use one extrusion for all their dominator rims, and chose a decent middle ground. Qu-ax rims are a lot thinner, and I haven’t heard anyone complain yet.

As someone with both a Qu-Ax 36er and a fairly skinny (24mm internal) carbon rim on my 29er uni I can confirm that I am a lover of narrow rims! I was just curious more than anything, especially as most uni riders (as you said) tend to like their wider rims even for road, so while we’re all excited for a carbon 36er, it might just be that no one actually wants it as it’s too skinny :smiley:

Cool rim. Spoke length might be an issue though. Hard to say, but that rim looks a little deeper than a nimbus. Maybe the spokes used by that company for their front wheels are close enough to match that rim to a 32h uni hub.

No big deal. UDC UK sells 399mm long spokes with no thread and offers a spoke cutting and threading service. So you can get any size you want.

I wouldn’t hesitate to lace one to a 36H or 48H hub.