32h rim w/ 48h hub What do you think.

I want to build up a 26" wheel, and I would like to go with a 32 hole rim just for the variety available. It seems like the 48 hole hub is a good option.

Doing the basic math it seems very reasonable to build a 32 hole rim with a 48 hole hub. You just skip every third hole on the hub. In practice, what are the ins and outs for doing this build?

Awhile back Eric (saskatchawanian) mentioned in another post that you would need slightly different lengths for the pushing/pulling spokes. What is the variance? Is it close enough to get one length and grind down the long ones (or ignore them if they are below the level of double wall)?

I asked about this on some mountain bike forums as well and some people thought it was crazy and stupid, but those that actually did it said that they just used the same length spoke for the whole wheel and it built up without any issues.

When I punched the numbers I came up with two different spoke lengths differing by about 3mm. You can go a mm or two long or short so one length would work but I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to building wheels so I think I would go with the two spoke sizes.

I have yet to build up my 32 spoke wheel but I have already bought the 48h hub.

I used to be pretty anal about wheelbuilding too, but I have relaxed a lot over the years.

As nice as it would be to have a 32 hole hub, I can’t see any reason not to go with the 48.

I’ll probably be buying a Nimbus hub like yours before too long.

Thanks for the input.


Built up the wheel yesterday and it looks great. Calculated the spoke length for a regular 32 spoke 3x pattern and it was about perfect. Half the spokes were about 1mm shorter than perfect but really close enough.

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Nice looking wheel. Is that the uber wide 29’er that you eluded to in another post?

yah, it is 50mm wide so really not that much wider than a KH freeride rim but it is wider. As far as I know this is the widest rim on the market.

So you did use the same spoke length for everything?

I want to make a wheel, with
Rim: 560.5mm erd 32H
Hub: Nimbus 48h ISIS

Am I doing this right?

Select Nimbus 48h ISIS
change erd to 560.5mm, 3x, 32 spokes
I get 271.29 and I round up to 272mm?

So if I get



I should be okay?

Awesome build!

So wonderful to finally see at 32h rim laced on a uni. Sounds like only being couple mm difference in spoke lengths is pure luck and convenient for building. I would probably just use 12 and 15mm nipples

I think she should hold up really well what you have there

Thanks! I will order the parts. I guess if the spokes are off a bit, I will go buy different length nipples at my lbs. i hope this
Works well!:slight_smile:

This is weird, I asked the exact same question on a bike trials forum I use yesterday as it’s not uncommon on there to build a 36h rim onto a 32h hub or even a 32h rim onto a 28h hub.
I wanted to as I’m getting a 24" with a 48h hub and the standard rim is horrendously ugly so I fancy swapping out for a freeride rim like a Spank or maybe a DMR DeeVee.

I’m aware this is old thread, but I don’t see any reason to start a new…

I got into Unicycling early this year on a 20" Qu-Ax Profi that I got used of eBay. After the first two months it has just been collecting dust as I also built myself a 19" trials Uni during summer.

Therefore the parts including the 48h Qu-Ax ISIS hub have now been re-used for a 27.5" Uni that I believe will get at least some use. The 26" Oracle frame + the tire was already leftovers from my 27.5" Muni build where I experimented a bit before deciding on the final configuration.

So here it is. A 48h hub with a 32h Funn MTB rim that I got for cheap. I just used regular silver 2mm spokes + 14mm brass nipples to keep the cost low for this build.

I was unable to find exact ERD for this particular rim. It’s a discontinued model slightly narrower than the current AM30 model and ERD was not even stated on the packaging. So unfortunately I cannot comment if the spoke length was perfect but the wheelbuild was easy and chosen spokes did have a suitable length. Quite happy with the outcome.