32 years 32 miles - A birthday ride

After my previous furthest ride on my new Quax36 I decided that it would be a nice idea to attempt 32 miles (52km) for my 32nd birthday in 2 months time. Well 2 months came around far to soon so on Tuesday 27th November I set off.

I’d planned a route to the village of Clare along windy country lanes that would avoid most of the more busier roads taking me through small picturesque villages.

After applying copious amounts of Butt Butt’r I set off. The weather was damp and foggy with a chill in the air though luckily hardly any wind. I had decided to ride for at least 10 miles before I got off which as luck would have coincided with a well placed bench at the start of a hill! I was averaging 10mph at this point which wasn’t too bad and a comfortable speed for me to maintain. Music was my friend for the first time on a ride and it made the miles pass much quicker.

After 18 miles I stopped for some lunch and a pint in the village of Clare. The back road route had been a good choice as I only had a handful of cars pass me on the quiet country lanes. There was a roaring fire going in the pub and it was all I could do to stop falling asleep, or perhaps it was the beer. The elderly couple sat opposite me did give me an odd look when I pulled out the tube of Butt’r from my backpack and proceeded to make my way to the toilet! All to soon I was back on the road for the return trip. 14 miles to go at least I was over half way now.

After about 26-28 miles gone my legs started seizing up and getting terrible cramp when ever I had to push down with a little more power to get up the hills. There was a couple of times when I had to dismount and my legs would seize up completely and I couldn’t bend them at all until I had massaged some life back into them. It was now getting dark and I was worried that I might have to ring for assistance. The last 4 miles were slow going and I had dropped to 7 mph but it was with a big grin when I finally made it home.

Hardly any chaffing at all which I put down to the KH Freeride Saddle, lots and lots of Butt’r and cycle shorts. Now I have to work on that cramp.

Pictures from Ride

145 cranks
Pinned pedals
KH Freeride Saddle

Gps Stats
33.4 miles (53.7 km)
10 mph moving average for 18 miles
8.9 mph moving average for 12 miles
Total time 5hrs 5mins
Stopped 1 hr

After 10 Miles



Enjoyed reading about your ride and seeing the pictures.
Enjoy doing those while you can…the years go by quickly! :slight_smile:

Nice write up, did the pint help you cycle? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Happy birthday :slight_smile:

It’s gonna be a rough ride when you turn 60.

I was thinking precisely that as I turn 60 in 2008 (even when dealing in kilometers 60km is a bit too much for me … but I’ll give it a thought).

Awesome ride and write-up. Glad to see you didn’t let the longer distance stop you from having a proper pint along the way. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, and congratulations on the new PB distance.


Great inspiration for Birthday tradition

You might have it reversed…

Its the number of pints = your age then ride then ride 1 km

Age = kilometers to ride = 1 beer.

Congradulations on distance ride.

Great stuff mate! Happy Birthday too!

Lunch looked delicious… shame it wasnt a buffet, always the best part of the party :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday!

Great ride and write up.

I turned 42 last Saturday. I’m ashamed to say I went ice skating instead of attempting the 42 miles :o

Thanks for the write-up and pictures. I did some bike touring in northern England back in 1983. Maybe I can make it back someday and do the same by uni.


Good work fella!
Nice write up, and a belated happy birthday!

Can we give you the bumps?

Happy birthday. I am going to be 49 in 08 and I know I can’t ride my age. I am impressed. Maybe I will ride my age over a weekend next year. That may be doable! ha! Great pictures and write up!!!

Ride your age… what a great idea. I’d better try it before the numbers go up… or get a 36" :wink: .

Contrats on the ride especially the last 4 miles.
NIce pictures too.
Happy Birthday!

I started riding my age in miles on my bicycle when i was in my 30s. Did it right up until 50, then I learned to ride a unicycle. Haven’t gotten back on a bike since. However, I still kinda suck at unicycling. I expend way too much effort just getting around the neighborhood and couldn’t imagine riding even half my age in miles. I did 14 miles on the N36 once and that was all I had in me.

Great job and congrats.