300 lb unicyclist made of cake

On the Food Network is a TV show called Cupcake Wars. The other day they did a special edition; possibly an experiment to spin off a new show. It was Regular Cake Wars, but with a twist! Each team was made up of a cake/pastry chef, a sugar artist and a special effects expert. Their theme was the circus, and had to display “balance” in some way.

The teams were then hit with additional requirements for their cake designs as the time limit ticked downward. What was planned as a circus acrobat twirling batons, had to be changed. They ended up putting their 300-pound (about 150 kilo) cake lady onto a unicycle, with a turning wheel and pedaling leg, and a baton twirling in each hand. They used a real unicycle! Needless to say, she was more or less life-size. That’s a lot of cake to balance, let alone to have moving!

The overall design was quite beautiful, and amazing with all the stuff they had going on in it, including fire. They won. I’ve been unable to find any images or video from the show, but I linked to the show’s website above.