3 wheel unicycle

Has any one got a three wheel giraf unicycle.
Does any one wan’t one.
Can any one do any crazy tricks.
Would you say it is better and more fun than a giraf unicycle.


I have tried a 2 wheeled giraffe, its impossible! I want to try it with the third wheel, apparently its quite hard because of teh resistance of the extra wheels when you pedal. Still looks fun.

I have a homemade 3 wheeled unicycle ( if you went to the buc 15 you’ll have probably seen it)
It isn’t very practical, scary at first, with the wheels constantly slipping.
In height it adds up to about six foot four.
Definetly inpressive, gets every head turned your way. People are always taking pictures of you and saying things like “How is that possible”
I also have a normal five foot giraffe (also home made)
I enjoy riding the normal giraffe a lot more because its a lot liter, the 3 wheeled one is so heavy. You can do tricks on the giraffe, best you can do on the 3 wheeled is ride and idle, and at best ride backwards.

I still like it though, but I would recomend getting a normal giraffe first.

If either of you people who posted above come to the next BUC you can have a go :)!

I’d love a Giraffe, and to go to BUC actually lol. I borrowed a 5’er off my LBS for half an hour of great fun… oh good times lol.

You should ask Madison (Ducttape) cause i know he owns a 3 wheel giraffe unicycle. He may have the answers you want too also. :smiley:

You can walk the wheel on a 3-wheel giraffe. For general riding it’s less fun because the cycle is a lot heavier, and even when well-adjusted there’s still plenty of friction in the drivetrain compared to a giraffe with a chain.

But it’s much more of an attention-getter – excellent for parades!

Panther Pride has both three wheeled and five wheeled (called stacks). I rode Ductapes three wheeled this summer at the Portland Juggling Festival and agree it’s a little tricky with all the slippage and extra weight but doable. Wouldn’t want to go down stairs with it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 3 wheeled unicycle, well it’s been in pieces for a while, but I’m building it up for sunday.

I’ve not tried any tricks on it yet, I haven’t used it in ages, and I am yet to freemount it.

It is fun to ride, more effort than a normal giraffe unicycle, but I’d say just as fun.

I am learning to ride the 2 wheeler too, I can running mount, ride forwards and turn on it, idling and riding backwards are to come.

I own a 3-wheeled giraffe, personally I find it JUST AS EASY to ride as my standard giraffe. If you want to see a bit of tricks watch my multiwheeled video on youtube— www.youtube.com/unisykolist

I have one as well! We are using it in the parade tommorow. They suck in the rain though!

Lol, yes they do. I hope you have good enough tyres! Don’t fall on the wavey people

i have 1

i have a three wheeled a unicycle i bought it from UDC but i have had trouble idling would getting shorter or longer cranks help? if any 1 has any other tips they would be greatly appreciated.


John is right on the money with his assessment. You have to use more force when pedalling to overcome the drivetrain friction. This can cause your foot to slip off the pedal, causing a spectacular UPD. I switched out my pedals to Odessy Twisted plastic for better grip.

John used the phrase “…even when well adjusted…” (refering to the drive train, not the rider). Adjusting can be tricky. It is done by fiddling with the tire pressure for each of the 3 tires. Too much pressure binds things up. Too little pressure causes tire slip, which is very difficult to handle. I have settled on 40lbs for the top and bottom tire (sidewall says the tire has a 40-65lb range). The middle tire has almost no air.

Never ride this monster in the rain or on wet pavement. As the tires get wet, they lose their friction and will start slipping like crazy.

For all my supposed expertise, I don’t even ride the damn thing. Both my kids do fine with it. But I find the extra height over my regular giraffe (the 3-wheeler is one foot taller) makes me chicken out every time I get in the saddle.

You don’t mention the exact nature of your trouble with idling - but presumably it is with the increased drive train friction. Longer cranks could help because you would have more leverage. But before you try that, try adjusting your tire pressure (see my comments above). If all 3 tires are fully inflated, you will have way too much binding friction. After fully inflating the top and bottom tires, only put enough air in the middle tire to prevent slippage. This may make idling (and riding forward) easier.

thanks ill be sure to give it a go

I have never tried one

But I have an idea for a crazy parade type homemade thing. Have a 29 on top, a 24 in the middle and a 19 at the bottom. Or maybe a 29-20-12. I think for a homemade item, different sized wheels give different gearing options, as well as catching the eye. Flashy LEDs in the wheels that could emphasize the different spin rates would look cool.

If you wanted a 1:1 ratio, for control, a 20-29-20 , should work ok. Perhaps the center tire could be offset a bit, front or back, lowering it a bit and adding more paradability.If paradability is a word, it means “adds to looking good in a parade”. The offset center wheel could be balanced with a small 4th wheel, that drives a monkey doll banging cymbals. I need one of these.:slight_smile: There is a lot of parades in my town.

Putting the wheels off-center would add considerably to frame weight. Even with all the wheels in-line, a standard 3-wheeler is already a beast…but if you could ride it, it would certainly turn heads!

Isn’t the actual gearing entirely set by the size of the top wheel - as any movement of the top wheel moves the tyre of the middle wheel a certain distance, which moves the tyre of the bottom wheel the same distance, which in turn drives the unicycle that distance. Although it’d still look cool with the wheels spinning at different speeds.

Or am I being a dumbass and missing something obvious?