3 mils on a 20"

is it possible??

as a daily commute??

HAHA!!! that would suckkkkk
and it depends on how long u got…
haha maybe an hour to do it…

tree miles!!

sounds like a good workout, it would take a considerable amount of time and energy. would you do this consistently??

no IT would just be to go to the park

but I could take my bike

faster than walking…

easily doable, just will take a while that’s all.

it taks me 7 to 15 in on my bike but could you fit it in a back pak and go??

depends on the size of your backpack, if you could fit a round disc that is 20" in diameter and about 2 inches wide in your bag then yes… i used to try distance on my 20" way back before my 36’er it was hard but I did about 7 miles on it one time non-stop… it was crazy, I was saddle sore, and it took be a long time but I did it… on a torker CX… owch…

I feel stupid cuz that is simple stuff :frowning:

I’ve done it, took about half an hour.

Wouldn’t want to do it daily though, that’s why I hav a 28" now

when I used to ride around on my 20" and people would comment I’d say, “it beats walking.” I’ll walk 3 miles so yeah, sure, 20" 3 miles. But think of it like walking that distance to budget time and energy.

its possible yeah, ive done it but it was three miles to get to the train station, we only just got to the train when it left!! it took us about half an hour and it killed me, i was riding my learners uni with a basically plastic seat and that hurts…A lot

I once did 20 miles in a day on a 20". It was a long day.

You could adapt the 20" by putting shorter cranks on. However, a 24" wheel is 20% bigger, and you go 20% faster for the same rpm.

The 20" is suboptimal for distance work.

I did 5kms in 45min on 20"

I don’t recommend the 20" for distance riding but I have done it to commute to my off road riding locations.

I’d recommend a larger wheel, say a 29" for commuting and muni.

Or if you have the extra $$$ fork out for a 36er or coker. :smiley:

This is why I thought coming up with a trailer bar would be a cool idea. Clamp the uni’s seat post to the trailer bar on the bike, and tow it to your riding spot. If ya are worried about the trailer bar getting stolen, it could have a loop on it that the bike lock goes through as well as through the bike wheel and the frame.

I’ve done that aactually (just once) it was for an opening for a bike trail i felt like dying afterwards, but i went 4 miles not 3

ive rode about 5 miles on my 20" and it was ok
but i wouldnt advise it.

It certainly is. For several months I used to commute 4 miles each way to work on a 20". In fact, that was only half way as I used the underground for the other half. But a couple of times I rode the whole 8 miles on the 20".

Give it a go.

Once you’re used to it, though, you’ll really appreciate a larger wheel :slight_smile:


I’d go for it.

I regularly do the 4 miles to my work in the morning on my 20" and it takes about 45mins.

I would recomend a larger wheel though as my 36" does it in about 20 mins.