3 mils on a 20"

thanks for all you advise :slight_smile:

if you have a backpack with straps across it like this:

then you could flip the uni upside down and put the straps around it…
might be a bit awkward though.

or you could just ride with one hand and carry your uni with the other…
if you can.


Ive ridden around 13 miles in one day on my 20… not strait, just riding around with my friend, stopping occasionally at a store or to do tricks. 3 miles is nothing. I used to ride 2.5 miles on a 20 every day to school.

wow! a 28"! i should get one:D :smiley: :smiley:

3 miles isn’t that bad after a few times. my average riding distance to a place just to ride at is 1/2 mile
i ride around there (its a big area) for several hours and ride home
often times i’m sure i’ve gone 5-6 miles. in one session… if you give it a little time and make it have some breaks then you should be good to go. not going to say its going to be easy, unless you do that.

i do it all the time. except it is more like 6-7.


3 miles it’s ok… you can easily cover this distance… But if you is looking for distance riding a 29’ or a 36’ is the best for you :smiley:

I ride about 2,5miles from the park where I Train to my house with my 19’… Isn’t that bad… But at the end… I really want to take a shower and eat :smiley:

If you want a 29’ that isn’t so expensive see this uni… Is on SALE section on unicycle.com:
Nimbus 29’

Good Luck… and just made a test… try to ride this distance… Some peoples have better resistance in long riding than others!