29" tires - big volume

I think maybe the popularity of 29" will grove since the tire market expand on 29".

Racing Ralph sounds like the feeling you get half way round your first lap of Mountain Mayhem when you start to wish you hadn’t eaten quite such a lot of pasta. Very bad name for a tyre :confused:


Skid mark?

Has anyone tried out either the Racing Ralph 2.4 or the WTB Stout yet that can comment on it? Expecially if you can compare it to the Navegal.

I really love the Navegal so far, but I am curious how these other tires ride.

You guys might wanna look into the Continental Mountain King, which comes in a 2.2 and 2.4. I have the 2.2, and really like it. It is a really light tire, but grips well. Sidewalls are somewhat thinner, but that hasn’t caused an issue for me yet, and the weight savings are a definite plus.

Just a thought.


The WTB Stout is now spec’d as standard on the KH29. It is the only high volume 29’er out there that I know of that was designed for mtb freeriding. It has good sidewall strength and in my opinion it’s the best all-around 29’er tire available right now for muni. WTB had originally intended to come out with an even bigger 29’er freeride tire called the Kodiak, but for now they have decided that the market isn’t big enough. Hopefully they change their mind in future.

The Racing Ralph is slightly higher volume but has paper thin sidewalls and the tread wears out very fast. That said, if you don’t ride too agressively and you ride mostly on dirt, not sharp rocks, it is an amazing lightweight tire for climbing hills.


I run a 2.35" WTB Exiwolf on my 29’er Triton. It has nice volume but heavy (even the folding version I’m using), but definitely nice when rolling over bumps. It’s no good for sticky mud though…clogs up quick. But should be good for hardpack.

I designed my 29" Triton to be able to take tyres up to 29x2.6", as I think there will be more big 29" tyres available in future.

I’ve been riding the Panaracer Rampage 29x2.35 the last couple of months. At higher pressures it’s a GREAT tire - loads of grip, light and fast rolling, great in the wet and dry. Not so good at lower pressures tho imo.

I’ve also got a Continental Mountain King 29x2.4 here to check out, but have been enjoying the Rampage so much that I haven’t got around to putting it on.

29" tires are completely over priced in Australia. For less than the price of one tire here you can buy two from the USA incl shipping.

Thanks. That basically tells me that I shouldn’t get the Racing Ralph. Light/thin tires are not great for muni (at least the muni I like doing). I tried a Nanoraptor originally and that was pretty light and thin, but it was horrible offroad.

I might have to check out the Stout after I wear out the Navegal.

Since I am on the subject of 29er tires…what tubes do you all usually run with your 29ers? I am running the WTB tube, 700c x 52/47 right now.

I thought the Nanos were surprisingly good off-road considering their tread. Very fast and light. If only they made a slightly bigger volume version

Well, it’s wide enough to fit a 26X3" Gazz on a Large Marge rim.

The only tire that prob won’t fit is the 3.7" Surly Endomorph.

For pinch flat resistance, I’ve heard a heavy duty 26X3" works. John Long said that he ran that and enabled him to do drops up to 2 ft. w/ the air pressure at 22 psi on his 2.2" Nevegal, w/o getting pinch flats.

I run a 26" DH tube in my KH29, and it’s been pretty reliable. But it’s a real bugger to put on.

Is the new WTB stout 2.3x29" compatible with a 2005 KH frame (especially regarding frame reinforcement) ?

Yes! I just tried this out and it does indeed fit. The clearance between the tyre and reinforcing gusset is only 3 to 4 millimetres.

Thank you, it will be my next tyre when my current 2,1 will be fully weared :wink:

WTB Stout

I just put a WTB Stout on my Nimbus 29. This is the first knobby tire I’ve had on a unicycle. It feels really weird and I’m having a hard time getting used to it. I’ve been riding on a Big Apple since I got this Uni. I have a lot of pressure in the tire now because at lower pressure I felt like I couldn’t control the thing. Tight turns are much harder now.

I will continue riding it and give more updates as I get used to the tire.

I am working on an IUF Rulebook proposal regarding 29" racing. Apparently some of these tires may be larger (diameter) than the Shwalbe Big Apple, which is the tire I used to set the current tire size limit of 750mm. Does anyone out there have actual tire diameter data for tires larger than 750mm? Please include tire brand and model name so we can start getting an idea of what’s out there these days…

The WTB Stout mounted on the KH 29 rim is just under 740mm at 20psi.

BWT, I have tried more than a few of the “biggest” volume 29er tires, including the Stout. I did not find an appreciable difference in volume between the Navegal, Rampage, and Stout.

I did a review: WTB Stout vs Navegal vs Rampage vs Exiwolf

I am still hoping that someone will see a market for a fat 29er tire, maybe something comparable with the Gazz 2.6 or heaven forbid the Duro 3.0

Tires are a big deal, making up 10-20% of a unicycle’s retail cost. I’d pay extra for a real muni tire for my 29er.

Hey Kris, can you talk WTB into producing a high volume tire for your 29er? Maybe as an after market item?

WTB came very close. Last year they produced a larger volume prototype in collaboration with the 29’er rider Mike Curiak, called the Kodiak. Unfortunately they decided not to release it because they felt there wasn’t enough market out there for two 29’er Freeride tires.

Given that, I’m thinking about releasing a 47 mm wide 29’er rim for Spring’09. I have a prototype of this and it gives the Stout a larger volume feel and a lot more stability, albeit with a bit more weight. Any comments on that would be welcome.


I just put a WTB Stout on my 29er, replacing a Big Apple. I am riding it with fairly low pressure now. When I had more pressure in it, it felt really squirrely to ride. With high pressure I think you are riding on just the skinny little ridge of tread that runs down the middle of the tire. With lower pressure I think the tire sinks down and you ride also on the edges of the tire. Turning is a problem. I have only riden it on hard surfaces so far, nothing off-road.

Road crown was a big problem with the Big Apple. It is not so bad with the Stout.

Wish I could find something with tread like the Kenda Kolossal.