29" tires - big volume

What is the biggest 29" tire available now and fit in a KH 29" frame?

I found out that Schwalbe Racing Ralph is 29*2,40 - www.schwalbe.com

Found this tire, any bigger?

WeirWolf LT 29er


WTB is supposed to be coming out with an off road tire called the “Stout”

Not sure what size it is or even if it is in stock yet but apparently it is supposed to be a great choice for off road 29’er riding.

I remember seeing a 29x2.4", somewhere. It started w/ a “R”, I don’t remember if that was the brand or model. That might have been it. I don’t think anyone hear has tried it.

From what I’ve read hear, not unless you pump it up to the max psi. and at 25 psi. (I think) it’s more like 2.3" wide. The sidewalls are kindof thin and can wander unless you put it at like 50 psi. Also the nobs are relatively short. Good for slick-rock, but very bad for sand and mud, plus I think the tires life would be kind of short.

At least one guy hear likes it but I’d get the Stout over the Weirwolf.

ill find out what the biggest tire is at work tomorrow, i work for Raleigh and they have just extended there contract with WTB because Diamondback (owned by Raleigh) have just released two 29" mountain bikes :wink: they ride like pooo :slight_smile: haha. ill get back to you tomorrow.


According to twentynineinches.com, the Racing Ralph is currently the biggest out there.

I’m thinking about picking one up, as it’s apparently got tougher sidewalls than the WeirWolf (and there’s lots of rough rocks, lava cap, etc. where I ride).


http://happymtb.org/forum/read.php/1/793504/793699 (Yes i know it’s in Swedish, but there is a pic comparing it to the Schwalbe Big Betty, a large volume 26" AM tyre.)

Thanks for that link it gives me a chance to have a look at the tread design.

Hey , about 29" tires , I gonna ride distance with 29" and i’m gonna use a 1,5 tire…
Would that be a problem , or will it work?


A 1.5 inch wide tire will “work,” but it probably won’t be very comfortable because you’ll have to absorb the bumps on the road more than with a fatter tire.

What is the actual spacing between the legs of the KH frame?

Wouldn’t the largest 29er tyre be the big apple or is that for the coker??? I always forget what that particular tyre is for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they’re talking about Muni tyres… and the big apple is for 29s, yes…

The weirwolf is the only tyre i’ve seen with such thin sidewalls that you have to hold it on the rim until it’s inflated, otherwise it just falls off. Very fast and smoothe on good ground, but pumping it enough to not puncture if you hit an edge leaves it rock hard and unforgiving in drops. It holds suprisingly well in mud, good for forrest paths but not much else.

Last week I fitted a Kenda Nevegal 29x2.2 to my uni. It had a worn big apple before this.

Riding on roads with it pretty hard, it’s good. Quite aggressive tread but runs quite smooth when inflated hard. I reckon it would wear out quick tho.

I took it to a MTB place (Drumlanrig) and was quite surprised at how grippy it is. ++ This was my first muni on a 29" ++ There was a good 3 inches of mud over pretty much everything, but grip below. It did do a bit of sliding around sideways but that was mainly due to me being out of practise of uni-ing generally and not being used to the 29 fully.

When I first set off, I stopped to let some wind out (it was still hard for the road), and rode off down the road to find the tracks. Aha! A track off to my right, turn quickly, tyre folds, pings back, throws me off. Stopped to put some wind back in and it was ok. I don’t know what PSI it was at, I use my fingers to judge.

There was lots of rooty sections too and I kept coming off cos I thought the tyre would slip, and was expecting it to, but it didn’t slip once. Preparing for a slip was enough to throw me off.

Last night, I went out on the road again, well… the cycle path. I hadn’t put any more wind back in, instantly I noticed it felt much better than other nights on cycle path. It was quite hard to turn tho, unless I was really smooth I could feel the tyre bending and wanting to ping me again. Then it threw me off into some gravel just cos I was going fast! Altho I think this was my fault really!

I think this is a good tyre as it is really grippy, has a good fit and grip on the rim, and is wide enough for a bit of bouncing. The sidewalls could be a wee bit thicker but from what I read/hear it is much better than other offerings.

I think for me personally, I need a wider rim and the tyre would be great.


unijuul asked what was the biggest 700c tire that would fit the KH 29" frame, not the biggest tire of all.

I’d still like to know the actual frame leg spacing; can someone measure their KH frame just below the crown & post it?

I measured 8.6 cm side-to-side between the legs.

Unfortunately, the Schwalbe website says that the Racing Ralph only has “average” snake bite and sidewall protection. I’d like to see one in person before dropping $60+ on it. And, 640 g seems awfully light for a tire that big, unless it’s really thin.

Hey, Tom, is that the 29er I sold you? How’s she holding up? Sounds like you’re treating her well, new shoes and all that :slight_smile:


Sure is. She’s going well. Inflicted her first injury on me, the bond is growing.