27.5 MUni

What do you think about 27.5 MUni?

QuAx 27.5 MUni

Might be the missing link between 26 and 29?

There is a fair amount of discussion about this in this thread:

starting at post 141.
There doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between the two. (My 26" with a 3" Duro tire measures about 27.5".)

I can’t wait for the 36.5er! :roll_eyes:

Bring on the 36.27146239201526er, it rolls like a 36.5er but is as light and maneuverable as a 36er!

Qu-ax is talking about shaving wheel weight. Please excuse me while I wonder why they still use 48 spoke wheels almost exclusively. [/flame]

Lol, good point :roll_eyes:

Why wouldn’t they?

12 spokes are pretty light, and, to the extent they make the wheel heavier, they also make it stronger.

Mainly though, my 26-er is a quax and it’s a fantastic unicycle, as good as anything with 36 spokes IMO.

I ride 36 spoke on all my wheels right now, but when I do a new muni or trials build it will be 32 spoke because knoxuni has been riding 32 and weighs nearly twice what I do.
I’m not saying 48 is bad, just much heavier than I would like

why use 48 spoke?

When you are on a massive unicycle ride/adventure you want your gear to be 100% solid. Having a rim get tweaked and snapping spokes when you are way out in the middle of no where would be pretty bad. I think for most riders a 48spoke setup wouldnt mean much unless you are always breaking wheels. But I can see the time and place for a 48 spoke wheel and I would never bash on the idea of having more spokes.

They weight you save by reducing the number of spokes, you might have to add to the rim to achieve the same stiffness, because there ist more spoke-free length of the rim between the spokes …

48 spoke debate aside, I thought that if they were going to introduce a 650B unicycle it would be in the QX range. 650B is still a wheel size most suited to higher end models due to the lack of cheep tires available.

26 isn’t dead, and I don’t see it dying any time soon. There is nothing wrong with one brand taking resources from their 26 and 29" models and putting it toward a 650B model. I am sure it would be a nice size for unicycles.

If people stick to 26", 27.5 won’t go far.
It’s a bit like the switch from tube TV to flat screens. Everybody did it and bought HD Ready TVs because there was a real change. HD Ready was a con and soon after we got Full HD TVs. People switched, but at a slower pace because the change wasn’t so visible. When 3D became the new way to force consumers to ditch their perfectly functional TV, people rebelled (with their credit cards) and didn’t buy into it.

The HD-ready thing made sense at the time, when there was little HD content out there, but we knew it was coming. At least that was the timing around 2002 when we got ours. DVDs looked great, and when we finally did get HD content to pump into it, it looked amazing. The timing in Europe may have been different though. This is based on the definition of HD-ready meaning the TV could display it, but wasn’t set up to decode HD broadcasts. This was never an issue for us; users of cable or satellite.

As for 3D TV, we’ve had ours for about 3 years now. In that time, we have watched about 1/3 of one 3D movie. Our TV died during that (still under warranty) and it took 2 tries for the repairs to be sufficient. They ended up replacing the entire panel and most of the electronics. We’ve been afraid to watch any 3D since. Not that we have much. The TV came with all 4 Shrek movies on 3D BluRay. That’s all we have. :slight_smile:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled topic.

I have a four years old 26" Qu-Ax muni and I must say I haven’t been satisfied with its quality since I’ve broken the seat post, seat post clamp, handle, and frame. However, the wheel is still true :slight_smile:

Last summer I got an aluminium QX frame for 26" wheel and it’s OK also for a 27.5" muni tyre.