26 vs. 29

i am choosing between http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/rough-terrain/nimbus-26-inch-muni-cycle-with-isis-hub-2.html and http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/road-26-28-29-inch/nimbus-29-inch-touring-unicycle-with-isis-hub-red.html but swap out slick for a knobbie.
what one is better for riding in snow water rocks and street?

That’s easy. The orange one is better at being orange, and the 29’er is better at being a 29’er.

The MUni is a bit stronger off the shelf with a double wall rim, and Venture cranks. For only $11 more it’s quite an upgrade in strength.

The 29’er is lighter and has a bigger wheel that will go faster. I know a lot of people say that the speed isn’t very different, but I noticed a huge speed gain going to a 29’er from 26.

Better really has a lot to do with what you want. I’m sure that either one will be a great uni.

You really haven’t given us much to go on.
snow - water -rocks - street is pretty vague.

Is “Street” street style or riding on roads to get somewhere?
Rocks? Do you mean rocky trails or something else?
Snow? Riding IN snow or ride when there is snow around?

Water? if you learn to ride on water let us know.

The 29’er only has a 38mm rim and is single wall (not as strong as dual wall rim).

The 26" Muni 42mm wide and is dual-wall.

If you want to ride for fitness/distance get the 29’er. Almost anything else the wider rim is going to be stronger and more versatile.

There are some tires that will do both riding on roads and handle dirt with out going to a slick.

Like this one: http://www.maxxis.com/Bicycle/Urban/Holy-Roller.aspxa

street- riding paved paths
water- as in 6 in of water on top of asphalt or gravel
rocks- i have rocky trails
snow- i ride in snow

The first thing I see is that you want it to do EVERYTHING. You’re not going to have one uni that does everything perfectly, but the one that will do everything on your list is the 26er. Nimbus used to have a double walled rim (which is plenty strong) for the 29er, but the single may give you issues for lots of off roading or drops.

The second one you listed is a cruiser basically, they’ve modified some on their site for muni, but not serious muni, The rim isn’t as strong.

If you want a cheaper uni (aka, NOT KH) and you want it to do everything you want to do, get the 26er. It’s a super strong uni and will give you years and years of worry free riding.

The 26er also has a HUGE tire, big and wide for snow and roots.

The diameter of the 26 is nearly the diameter of the 29 because of the big tire, but obviously the thinner tire gives the 29er more speed on the road. Cushion may give a faster ride on rough terrain with the 26 because you don’t have to slow down for roots as much.

There are a lot of factors here. Basically, get the 26er because it’s strong, and can do everything you want out of the box. Nothing like a bent up tacoed rim to ruin your ride. Having to change the tire on a new uni isn’t the greatest either.

p.s. what the heck are you riding through water for? Is that for any kind of distance? or just spots on a trail you use?

26" now, and 36" later. :slight_smile:

Go with the stronger 26". It can do pretty much everything you want to do quite handily. It even does pretty well as simple transportation.


Yeah … 26 … definitely.

Hey Kevin, you are comparing apples and oranges on these unicycles.

The Nimbus 26" muni is a dedicated muni, it’s the one I used to ride. I still ride the same parts from that 26" muni, but with a different frame.

The Nimbus 29" is a street muni, no brake bosses, single walled rim. Cody rides his for street and muni, but due to it’s size, there are some challenges for off road use. It will be much less agile on tight trails and you will be a lot further off the ground.

If I remember correctly, you already have a Torker DX 24" muni. This is the standard size for muni and it is a good quality muni to boot. You will not gain much going to a different brand as the parts on all munis are more or less the same. In other words, munis are heavy, even my muni with ti frame and ti hub is still a heavy ass with.

As to going up a size, I have ridden muni on 29", 26" and 24", my daily ride is a 26" because my style is more rolling than hopping. If I was a hopper and liked to do drops, I’d ride a 24". I rode a 29er for a while, but found it was just too much wheel for single track like we have in Knoxville. Not that it can’t be done (see Cody ride), but a 29er is better suited for smooth XC style muni vs the rooty and rocky stuff we ride in East TN.

I could ride a 24", and have considered it, esp after hoping on my son’s KH 24 and finding it so much easier to handle technical stuff, BUT I like the way a 26" rolls over obstacles, and having the extra pedal clearance and things like having more tires choices, so a 26" is my first choice.

That said, if there were more 24" tire choices, I’d probably go down a size and get a geared hub :slight_smile:

Bottom line, getting a bigger uni will make it harder to ride trail, not easier. Now if you want to get a faster uni for riding road, a Nimbus 29" would be fine, though truly what you want for riding the road is a 36" :smiley:

To cover the whole spectrum it’s standard to have three unis:
Trials, Muni 24/26), Road (36)

Just one more thing to consider: Going from a 24" to a 26" is going to drop your relative skill level obn trail by a significant amount, at least until you adjust to riding a bigger uni. I have an easier time riding a 24’ than a 26", even after a couple years riding a 26" muni, so be sure your skills are strong enough to handle a bigger muni before making the change or you may be frustrated. Smae goes for down sizing tires, like from a 3" to a 2.5"

I’d like to add some 29er love to this (utterly redundant) thread.
The Nimbus 29 is a great all-around unicycle, and where it really shines are:

  • City streets
  • Flowing offroad

It will definitely present different challenges offroad than a 26: it won’t take as wide a tire, and it’s much better suited to a rolling, flowing riding style than a bouncy, hoppy style. It will take more muscling around to do tight maneuvering. There will be less danger of pedal strikes in most cases.

The single-walled rim isn’t as strong as the double-walled rim, but for a lot of people the difference will be academic. Probably it won’t hold up to 10-foot drops, but it’s taken plenty of 18"-to-30" drops without any problem (I’m ~100kg/220lbs), as well as plenty of bashings after I’ve bailed.

Additionally, if you already have a 24" muni, a 29 will give you more versatility between the two of them than a 26 will.

If what you want is a rock-hopping downhill machine, the 29’s not for you.
But if what you want is a unicycle that’s great to ride around town and for rolling offroad, the 29’s worth a look.

i ride in the water because of flooded greeways. and i am getting a 26

Hey Kevin, why don’t you hold off buying a 26" until you can try mine? Same goes for a 29er, see if Cody will let you try his.

You won’t be liking a 26" muni for riding paved greenways, it’ll be heavy, sluggish, and you’ll wear the tire down really fast.

Since you have a DX 24", it would make more sense to get the Nimbus 29er or save for a KH 29er. The KH would be more multi purpose since you can mount brakes and go muni or mount a street tire and go cruise the streets or greenways

I ride my 36er on the greenways and it rocks, outclimbs bikes on steel hills, smooth, rolls through water and rough pavement, gravel roads, etc…way fun ride. The other Kevin (Alexander) has one, ask him about his…

Not necessarily.

A smaller diameter tire doesn’t roll over roots and rocks as easily, so it takes more force to get over them, and there’s more of a likelyhood to fall forward. The big tire on the 26 can make up for that a little perhaps, but then the fat tire makes the unicycle harder to turn on a dime too.

Another large factor is crank size. 170s on a 29 is probably easier to ride off-road than 150s on a 26. I personally think a 24" for muni is terrible. It feels small, slow and squirrelly to me. I like to use the extra momentum of a big wheel instead.

The KH 29 is lighter than a nimbus 26 right? plus the thinner tire. It’ll really fly offroad, and turns should be easier on the KH because of the thin tire and light frame and wheel. I would think it’d be much easier to ride a bigger wheel given those choices. Unless I’m going to do some crazy crazy terrain.

I even like a 36er for light stuff. Height off the ground makes no difference to me, less pedal strike I say :wink:

seeing as you already have a 24", you might as well get a 29er. you can do hardcore muni on your 24 and light muni or distance on the 29er. thats my 2 shillings

Trust me, I have ridden both, the Nimbus 26" is far easier to muni than a KH 29er. The only advantage to a 29er is roll over and straight line stability. In terms of roll over, the difference is negligible and due to the narrower tires and softer sidewalls on 29er tires (Stout included), there is far less give when negotiating technical terrain. As to straight line stability, where we ride there is very little that is straight, unless you count the straight up hill climbs!

i got 9ish sets of 26in tires and i also got to put it in my moms car. if i ever get healed up ill go out and try it out.

Some of us think 29er’s are for more than straight, smooth riding:

From what I found out and from my price range a 26 is what I am looking for