24" Tire

I’ve got the Chrome Nimbus ISIS Muni 24, and unfortunately I’m just a little too noob to take it offroad proper yet… so I’m looing for a road tire to put on the frame, however, it’s a wide rim, so I’m looking for suggestions on a good street tire for this Unicycle from UDC.


maxxis hookworm, or maxxis holly roller

I have a 26" hookworm that I sometimes use. It is a bit heavy but buttery smooth and perfectly round.

I am sure there are lighter tires out there that would work well but the Hookworms are popular for a reason.

I like the CST Cyclopsfor cruising pavement. It’s fast, stable, and cheap.

I like the CST Cyclops for cruising pavement. It’s fast, stable, and cheap.

I haven’t tried that many tires, but I recently put a 24 x 2.3 Kenda Kiniption on my on-road unicycle. It’s got a round profile and was much faster than the tire it replaced.


The hookworm is great, and the cyclops is pretty much a heavier version of it, so also great. I think 2.4 is the widest you can get the cyclops, but for a budget tire you really can’t go wrong.

If you want a tire that does well on pavement, and isn’t too shabby on the trail I have been very happy with the Felt Berm Master. You can pick it up at a Felt dealer, and it’s a 24x3. I air it up a bit more for street riding than I do for trails, but it’s the only tire I’ve found that performs reasonably well in both places. It’s not a great mud tire. I have used it on dry Colorado single track with great success.