24" over 20" for learning if tall ?

Sorry to ask a repetitive question . I have read other , similar threads but I just want to be a little more clear before I purchase my first unicycle . I am 6’ 4’’ and have never tried to ride a unicycle before . From what I have read being tall should make learning on a 24" instead of the often recommended 20" a reasonable alternative , right ? Could it be even better (that is quicker to learn) for a tall person to get a 24" ? To continue this line of thought , is it possible that someone my height might even be better at tricks on a 24" then on a 20" (presuming of course that they had comparative experience with both sizes) , or is the wheel size thing just too skewed in favor of a smaller diameter for freestyle ?

The difference between 20" and 24" for learning is minimal. For someone of your height I think it would be even more minimal. Base your wheel size on the type of riding you think you’ll want to do afterward.

24 or 26

I have been riding just over a month after a 25 year break :-). My quandry was deciding between a 24 and a 26. I am 6 ft, 2 in. I’m not planning to do any radical tricks, and am planning to use my uni to commute across campus. I felt that a 20 would be too tiring for covering any sort of distance. I decided against the 26 after reading postings from some folks stating that freemounting a 26 was much harder than a 24 (which may not be true).

Besides, the uni I bought was not that expensive (Torker LX) I will likely buy another uni, and it will be somthing with a bigger wheel, so I think going with the 24 was the right decision.


im 185cm and i ride 20 inch for flatland. I can’t imagine using a bigger wheel at all but it depends what sort of riding you plan on doing.

i am 6’3"…i learned on a 24… then when i got the 20, every thing just seemed much easier, more manuverable. i didnt ride the 24 for several weeks cause i lent it to friend to learn on, and when i did ride it again there was a period of adjustment. the 20 feels better to me. although there is a big difference in speed/distance. so unless i want to go fast and/or cover some distance, i’m going to stick to the 20. my brother was trying to learn, and was struggling w/ the 24, but when he gets on the 20 he has much better control. i guess it depends on what you plan to do on it, but like anyone on here will tell you, you most likely will end up w/ several unicycles…

if you are tall there shouldnt be that much difference. though a 20" would be slightly easier. think of what kind riding you would like to do and then get a unicycle to suit that kind of riding. it will be much more convienant in the long run.