24 in wheel on a LX26?

Would it make sense, and would it be possible, to put a bouncy 24 inch wheel on my Torker LX26? I’ve tried putting a wider tire on the 26 wheel, but it scrapes the frame so I’m hoping I can go to a wide 24.
Or am I wasting brain-cycles here?

What size, make and model tire?

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a XC uni.

People have successfully fit a Kenda Kinetics 2.6 in a 24" LX. If I remember correctly, the main problem w/ that tire is it was very nearly scraping the crown, there was a bit more space on the sides, so it could work. But do to production varience, some will have more/less clearance.

My 2.6" Kinetics on my DX is 63 mm wide and my 3" Arrow Racing Wide Bite is 67 mm wide (32 mm rim).

The clearance w/ my Wide Bite is very close. It has a very different character than my Kenda, which I prefer since I don’t do any drops yet.
Summary of tires

Back in the earlier days of muni (late 90s), most people had built munis around the 26" wheel size. When really fat DH tires started appearing, they wouldn’t fit in most frames, so people started using 24" wheels instead. The frame my 13 year old uses, a Telford from around 1999, has a 26x2.6 Gazz Jr; that frame was also used by many who went to a 24x3 instead.

I tell this only to suggest that you’re likely to be able to do what you propose with little difficulty. People have done it before, many a time.