24 Hour Race - Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous

Hey people, it’s time to anti up if you are interested in the race on May 17-18, 2008, an hour outside of Toronto.


there are 2 five man teams of unicyclers…

Spots are only guaranteed to the people who pay me the entry fee of $175.

please paypal me a at sales at balance productions dot ca

first come first served

this is an AWESOME event, well worth the $$

Wedding or race? Race :slight_smile:

After long thought (and a discussion with my mom) I decided to ditch my aunt’s wedding and go unicycling.

I’m in :slight_smile:

So who am I going to be riding with?


No one has committed to it yet, so it’s still open (and risks being canceled if no one signs up)


I am planning on moving to Nova Scotia in May anyway, thought what the hell it is on the way, could be a wicked awesome time and my aunt’s wedding is just a formality anyway (second wedding and she has been living with the guy for a year already)

Got your payment, thanks! You will be at least riding with me and tim morin :slight_smile:

Vince probably will, but I haven’t heard from him yet about it

gonna have to do something about your forum name :wink:

cool, Looking forward to all this


edit: I will still be a sasky at heart

I’m interested, but I can’t confirm yet… I’ll keep an eye on the thread.

I can’t believe I’m missing this AGAIN!.. If I can make it to spectate I will, but alas, I’m bowing out… again…

If Jamie’s expecting child #2 at the same time next year, I’ll go though… Once you’ve seen one child of yours being born, you’ve seen 'em all (Thank god she’s not on the forums… I’d be sleeping on the couch for years after saying that… in which case no child #2 to interfere next year… I got to get Jamie on the fourms! ;))

I’m also going to making a pretty cool documentary type clip for the canadian unicycling website about the race :slight_smile:

W/ more uni than last year?:o

probably, i didn’t film any last year

If you don’t have lights, don’t worry, they can be provided

Hey Brian, I precisely need a 1000$ head light for that race, thanks!
I’ll be there!
I just need to organize some form of transportation to get there.

this light would effectively last one team it’s entire night laps :slight_smile:

Vince…this light is so bright, that I only have to turn it on down by the cabins, and people’s laps will be completely lit up!

i’ve been wondering how to make this event more competitive between unicycling teams, and i got to thinking…why does it need to be team vs team?

there are 2 teams of 5 (entry fee is $175/person)

Here is what I will do…

each team will consist of 5 riders to jive with the event’s logistics.

but…every person for themselves…the prizes that CanadianUnicycling.com (CU) will provide will be for solo efforts.

Out of the 10 riders, the 5 fastest riders (fastest lap speed for each rider) will win prizes. (criteria is each rider’s fastest lap, no wheel size restrictions)

(if the fastest person, let’s say Vince, has the two fastest laps, that’s only one prize)

1st place: 25% off of any order from CU
2nd place: 20% off any order from CU
3rd place: 15% off any order from CU
4th place: 10% off any order from CU
5th place: 5% off any order from CU

All who participate will also receive CU dry-wicking shirts

Ok, I’m in.
Any more yankees interested? Would be fun to have another USA vs. Canada competition.



cool roland, i didn’t know if you were coming :smiley:

That’s what I said last year! Now this year #2 is ready to launch and it’s more important to be around to watch #1.
I know there will be no # 3, so next year I’ll have no excuse for not being there!

Have Fun!

Hey everyone, half the spots have been gobbled up!

Brian MacKenzie
Tim Morin
Roland Kays
Vince Lemay
Marty Bates