24" CyclePro Unicycle a good first unicycle?

I may be trading someone for a 24" Cyclepro unicycle.
This is basically my first unicycle. I did buy an old, heavy schwinn about a year ago but sold it after just a few tries. Partly from people saying it would develop poor riding habits riding it given its faults, and partly monetary shortage at the time.

So now am still feeling inspired to learn to ride a unicycle. And do so.
On Craigslist I came across a 24" Cyclepro unicycle for sale. They are asking between $70 - $100 for it. Looks pretty basic, no quick release seatpost.
Image of it is attached.

Seems there is a lot about cotterless cranks on this forum being viewed as better? Am not sure how important this is for me now?

Not sure what ultimately I will be wanting to do with riding a uni? I live in the woods kindof, and have just a small deck to practice on about 10’ X 20’. But would like to be able to also do some fluid, distance riding with it. As well as some basic tricks, hops, etc…

Any advice on whether this is a decent unicycle to start on and hopefully continue with? Other suggestions are welcome, too.

Wonderful site this is.

  1. How old are you?

  2. How tall are you?

  3. Do you have any idea whatsoever what you plan on eventually doing with unicycling? Do you know of the various styles there are and do you have one that seems most appealing?

  4. How much do you weigh?

  5. We can probably find you a much better uni for a similar price.

I am 38.

Have been physically active most of my life though. A taiji, qigong, yiquan practitioner and instructor for 20 years. Biked a 2 wheeler for many years until moving to the bay area where driving has become the mode of practical transportation.

My height is 5’5", 125 lbs.

Interests in uniing are ones I mentioned. And openended.

Thanks for replying. Am open to suggestions.

Definitely does not look like 24", more like 18" I would say …

Hmmn. Not sure why they would lie about it? Maybe they don’t know. Or the photo distorts it?

From quick search the cyclepro is seeming like a very shortterm, cheapo option not worth much. Especially for keeping around for use as I progress.?

Any feelings on these ? -




Not sure why they would lie about it? Maybe just looks different from photo distortion? Or they don’ realize its size?
Whatever it is, it is sounding like a pretty low end, shortlived uni from search results so far.

Any opinions about these -





I think a 24" Torker LX would be your best bet then. It’s not much more expensive than the one you have listed, and it’s much stronger and more maneuverable. The 24" LX isn’t absolutely GOOD for any of the style’s you mentioned, but it will get the job done for all of them if you are just starting. Basically, it’s a good midpoint for all of them. Seems like it goes for $125 or so on Ebay. Sound good?

The uni pictured will work as a starter, but I wouldn’t pay $70-$100 for it. It will break at some point; the bearing holders are known to be a poor design. I would second the recommendation of a Torker LX if you’re going to spend that much.

You should be able to get a used uni of this quality for $50 or less. If you can get it for that much, it might be worth doing, understanding that you’ll probably need to upgrade if you really get into it.

The Cycle Pro shown appears to be a 20" (18" wheels are extremely rare in the USA). Not a great deal for the price due to the lolipop bearings (bad design). Fine for learning though, long as the seat will go high enough for you (not likely judging by the picture). You would need a longer post.

You should have kept the Schwinn. Like an old Chevy, they may not be the best ride possible, but they last forever!