22" unicycle

Who is this guy and his sleek “freestyle 22” unicycle with a newly designed red frame

it looks more like a 20" uni with a piece of crap frame that wouldn’t work for freestyle at all.

hes probs just got cheep spokes, rim and trie and bodged it together

looks like a 20’’ to me also, probally just threw a bunch of crap parts together and called it a “sleek freestyle uni”

well he says its a 22", probs is, he might have found a weird 22" rim… i mean someone has probbaly made one before. I’m more impressed with the tyre…

That handle looks like a plastic deathgrip.

Why dont we have those?

it looks like it would hurt you arm over time

I saw it first you guys, no ninja’ing the highest bid from me.

uhm… that seat looks completely bent or something, but i think it could be either really bad lens deformation, or a real weird shot… or a crap uni

mayeb all of those… but it’d be so cooll if it was a plastic deathgrip

the saddle looks like a peice. of. crap.

It looks to me like the seller found his text somewhere other than where he found the unicycle. Based on what little we can see in the picture, it’s an ordinary (strength/quality) wheel, which is probably indeed 22". That means, have fun finding tires in the USA! Also the tire is not appropriate for Freestyle, and the frame clearance isn’t in the least bit tight, as the text implies. The picture also makes the unicycle look brand new. The seller speaks in the first person about having it designed, but the actual eBay seller does not appear to be in the unicycle “business.” The seat looks like perhaps a Chinese knock-off of a Miyata. The front handle looks like a Miyata handle. Lastly, the shipping price of $17.29 is a bit steep, but perhaps not bad if it includes boxing it up.

Looks like a crapy deformed LX or Miyata style handle to me.