2015 KHU lineup is here...

Hey everyone, I’m really happy to announce the 2015 KH product lineup. There are lots of upgrades. Details are on the KH blog and all the product pages show the new stuff.

For trials/street/flatland riders: check out the one-piece-forged frame crown - strong and not bulky. Tops of the fork blades are curved more to avoid your knees, and the crown is still good for frame tricks.

For muni riders – there is more tire clearance (KH26 and KH29) in a low profile frame. Surly Knard tire is standard spec. The 26x3” tire geometry on the KH26 is incredibly versatile – lots of volume for drops and technical riding, but still lightweight at under 900g. The KH24 has a slimmer horizontal crown (93 mm), with the same tire clearance as before.

For distance riders – there is a slimmer KH36 crown, and bent handle option in the T-bar. The bent T-handle gives more knuckle clearance around the front handle on the Fusion Zero saddle.

For everyone – check out the entirely one-piece forged Spirit hub – strong and reliable at slightly lower weight than the Moment hub.

Disc brakes are standard on all models except the KH20.

Check the more detailed blog post and photos and let me know what you think.

Happy to answer any questions.

Slick as ever!

But will it blend?

JK, looks good. Shame, couple of months ago I got a KH26, shame I didn’t wait, because UDC had a deal on them and then there are new ones. Damn.

Awesome new gear Kris!

I have my eye on that 29" already :wink:

Thats awesome! I wil order a new KH36 as soon as UDC has them listed.

Thanks for making a great product Kris. I have a KH/Profile 20", A KH24 and a KH29 and love them all.

Another Awsome here.
It all looks so fab ! And I love the new colour.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Note that the raw option on the KH20 is only available in select countries. Basically only Europe and Korea right now.

Mr Holm, not sure if that comment was meant for me :slight_smile:
When I said I liked the new new colour, I didn’t mean the raw frame I mean the new shade of blue. I liked the old blue but this blue is crisper and sleeker.

=) Glad you think so. I think it’s just better photography. There’s actually no change to the blue.

Really ? Crikey :slight_smile:

Fantastic upgrades KH. Add To Cart. :slight_smile:

I am still a little confused as to why they come with a brake as mandatory rather than an option. Was that an effort to minimize options, or do that many people really ride with a brake now? For me it discourages me to look at a new KH because I really don’t need/want a brake, and that jacks the price up quite a bit. Still very pretty though.

You re just the person for whom I never included a brake previously=). However that’s the minority view.
Most riders want a brake.
It’s definitely less expensive to include it from the factory than buy it aftermarket.

Thanks for the update.

I’m confused about the T bar for distance. Does it connect to the seat post?

Kris, your web page shows the 24 considerably heavier than the 26. Is that solely from the tire?

It’s identical to the standard T-bar in attachment.
The only differences are that the T-handle is bent and the “T” width is wider (155 mm). The straight T has a “T” width of 120 mm.

Yes the difference is the tire weight- the 24x3" Duro is much heavier than the 26x3" Knard.

Note - weights aren’t really accurate yet. Weights posted are 2014. 2015 weights won’t be all that different though. They might increase slightly because the 2014 weight did not include a disc brake or rotor.

Kris, I’m going to purchase either your 24 or 26. Do you feel your muni of choice for tight dh switchbacks style trails is the 24 or now with the knard tire the 26 is more nimble. PM me if you would like.

I suppose I’ll have to become one of the cool kids one day. : P

“Back in my day, unicycles didn’t have geared hubs and brakes.”
90’s laughtrack

More and more it’s coming down to a question of fit, just like bikes, and then to terrain and riding style. Smaller riders are still going to prefer the KH24 geometry. Riders who tend to pick their way down technically difficult trails, particularly through broken terrain, might like the KH24, as would riders also doing trials. Riders who fit the KH26 geometry on trails designed for bikes will like the faster, flowy feel and better ability to roll over bumps. For myself (5’11", 145 lbs), I’m riding the KH26 more and more on singletrack designed for bikes, including harder tech DH. So like everything else it depends.