2014 CA Muni Weekend Oct 17-19 in Los Angeles & Orange County

2014 CMW (California Mountain Unicycle Weekend)
For now just make sure to save the dates of October 17-19th, 2014. The first time it has ever been in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. A website should be coming soon with more info…stay tuned. Here is the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/828898253810413/ Please share and spread the word!

*Fargo Street Challenge: One of the steepest roads in the USA
*$2 Bill Challenges: Plenty of chances to try and win some fun competitions along the trails.
*Simi Valley: Some of the most dangerous trails in the world (The only 2 muni riders that have broken their backs were here).
*Brewery: Yummy dinner at a local brewery.
*Disc Golf: 1st & 2nd permanent disc golf course in the world.
*To Be Continued…

Is anyone willing to design a shirt for it? Please send me a message and I can give you what I had in mind…but I’m willing to take suggestions too. As a thank you, you would get free registration and a free shirt.

Hi Jamey!

FYI: www.uniproshop.com is unresolvable, did you mean uniproshow?

out of towners

Can you please include details for potential out of towners. All these events never include options or details for those of us willing to plan a good get away/vacation. Details like parking, hotels, entertainment, etc… If we plan on growing these events and in numbers were gonna have to think big. Just my two cents.:slight_smile:

More details are coming and hopefully a website will be up with all the info by the end of the week. I’ll reply back here when it’s up. But for now, here is a tentative schedule.
Oct. 17th: 10am muni ride, Disc Golf after the ride, 6pm road ride and street urban ride in Santa Monica.
Oct 18th: 8am Fargo Hill Climb, 11am muni ride at Aliso Woods & Canyon, 7pm dinner, drinks and raffle at a brewery.
Oct 19th: 9am muni ride at Simi Valley

I will be trying to find recommended lodging this week…I will find one campgroud, a hotel and see if some local people are willing to host a guest or two. Parking is free at all the trailheads. Entertainment, well there is a lot to see and do in LA depending on what you like. Hope this info helps. Would be great if you could make it!

Great news, it looks like we have a few sponsors so we will have a free raffle Saturday night at dinner! Woo Hoo!!! Thank you Bedford, Kris Holm & UDC. :slight_smile:

Please RSVP on the facebook event page here if you plan on attending so we can start getting a good idea of how many people will be here. If you don’t have facebook, then reply here if you plan on going. Registration should be up by the end of the week and should be really cheap!

I’ll be there. Now for the fly/drive decision. Fly and be limited to 2 unicycles, or drive with a potential vanload?

And possibly to carpool with Robert Allen.

BTW, I live across the street from the Aliso and Wood Canyon. I am glad to host, in whatever possible way, riders from out of town. Aliso Viejo and surroundings is unicycle paradise. Years ago, before starting to ride the unicycle, while running I saw a mountain unicyclist in the Aliso and Wood canyon. I was amazed. Now I am riding on the trails. Life is great!

That’s great, I will add you to the list of people that are offering to host. Have I met you or have you ridden with the muni group yet? Just trying to figure out who you are. :slight_smile:

We have not met, nor have I ridden with the group. I started riding six months ago, but I have been working really hard on my skills. I am familiar with the trails of the Aliso and Wood Canyon park, having hiked, run and bicycled there for 15 years, and recently unicycled there on my 26" Oracle. I live on the edge of the lesser-known section of the park, adjacent to the corner of Moulton and Aliso Viejo Parkway, which is less clogged with weekend warriors, has some great, unobstructed long views of downhills, and some sandy cliffs over the Aliso Creek, which technical riders can probably jump off. Thanks for keeping me in the information loop!

Registration is open and website is up! You have until Oct 1st for early bird registration (only $10/rider) and to order shirts. After that day you will not be able to order shirts and registration fees double so please register now! (And let me know if you see any mistakes).

Cal Muni Weekend

My name is Chris and i’m coming down from SF to ride. Is the offer to ‘host’ still open. I would love to find a place to stay, can bring my sleepbag/pad whatever.

Please let me know by replying to clabonte@shsschools.org.

Chris LaBonte

Just a friendly reminder that if you haven’t registered yet, please do it now. In one week the registration fee doubles, you won’t be able to order a shirt anymore, you may not be able book the shuttle and there won’t be a spot reserved for you at dinner. So go do it now, you know you want to. Gonna be epic!

I’m registered and stoked! Really just bumping this thread

Last day to register to order a shirt, book a shuttle and reserve a spot for dinner. After today the fee doubles and you might miss out on all of the above.

If any of your have a vehicle and a non-rider that could shuttle riders to the top, please let me know. The shuttle company has a max amount of riders they can do so hoping we can find a few parents or friends that may be willing to do it. You will be reimbursed for your gas and time!

Only four days to go! I finally got clearance for the weekend, so leaving directly from work on Thursday for the drive down. I’ll have a minivan full of unicycles and should be able to attend all scheduled events except the swimming at the end. Nice as that sounds, I’ll be facing at least 7 hours of driving to get home and of course, work the next morning.

Can’t wait!

Looking forward to seeing and riding with you, John. And everyone else!

Right now we have 48 registered riders. I just sent an email to all of them so if you didn’t get it and thought you were registered, let me know. You still can register online before Friday or on the day. Here is the email:

To all the 48 Unicyclists,
You are receiving this email because you have officially registered for the 2014 CA Muni Weekend. It starts this Friday so just wanted to say thanks to all of you for registering and wanted to give you more details about the weekend. A detailed description of each day is on the website, www.oneloveunicycleclub.com, in the drop down menu. This includes all starting times, meeting point addresses, maps and other important information. Please try and have a look at it before this weekend so you know what to expect. I’ve copied and pasted it at the bottom for your convenience.

IMPORTANT INFO: I have attached a waiver that everyone needs to sign before riding. If you are under 18, you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign it as well. Would be awesome if you all could fill it out, sign it and email it back to me. This will save time at the trail heads so we can get riding faster. I will have copies at the start of each event for those that couldn’t email it.

MORE IMPORTANT INFO: Temperatures are looking like it’s going to be sunny and in the high 70’s. BRING SUNSCREEN, LOTS OF WATER AND SNACKS on all rides especially the Mt Wilson ride. This is a long ride that may take 4-6 hours with little shade and no water so each person needs to bring 3 liters at the very minimum. If you only have a 2 liter camelbak, throw in an extra bottle of water or Gatorade. Also, bring with something to eat for lunch as we will stop and eat along the way down. Helmets are also required for our insurance. Gloves, knee-pads, shin-guards, elbow-guards, patches, spare tubes, pumps are recommended.

SCHEDULE CHANGE: The time for the dinner and raffle has changed to start at 7pm. It will be held at the Congregation Ale House in Pasadena (300 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 Pasadena, CA 91105). The raffle prizes have arrived from Unicycle.com, Bedford Unicycles and Kris Holm Unicycles with some pretty sweet stuff. Raffle will happen during dinner and you must be present to win. Due to this schedule change there may not be enough time to play disc golf beforehand. We will make the decision when we finish the ride, to see if we have enough time or if anyone has energy left to play. We may be able to play in between rides on Friday if people are interested.

Also please write down my cell phone number, 323-717-9938, in case you need to get in touch for any reason. My phone should work at all trail heads, but might be limited on some of the trails. If you can’t find the trail head, get lost on the trail, have an injury or just want to say hi, please call or text me. I will email everyone here with any last minute changes or important info. Looking forward to riding with all of you!

One Love,
Jamey & Gigi

Tentative Schedule:
10am Simi Valley Muni Ride
(2435 Kuehner Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93063)
Simi Valley has some of the most technical trails in Southern California. There have been only 2 people who have broken their backs doing muni and they both just happened to be on this trail system within a month from each other. I know I’m not really selling this trail system but don’t let this scare you, just know your limits and walk sections that are above your skill level. The broke-back guys will even be there riding it with ya’ll!

It’s Friday and there will be traffic so please plan accordingly! We will meet at the bottom of Hummingbird Trail, squeeze into as few cars as possible and then shuttle to the top. We can’t drive all the way to the top so we will have to ride/walk up a nice fire road for about a mile until we get to the top of the Hummingbird Trail. The 1.8 mile trail packs a mixed bag of terrain. Loose rocks, large boulders, a 8-10’ roller drop, tight switchbacks, high speed sections, and a few small jumps. Click here for more info.

Once we get to the bottom for anyone who wants more, we will shuttle back up and ride Stagecoach (Old Santa Susana Stage Rd Trail). It is basically a trail made of rocks. It’s not that long and if you want to test your rock crawling skills then you may enjoy it. It’s kind of a cool trail since it’s pretty much solid rock and stands out from the rest of the trails in the area. Once we make it to the bottom then we have to hike back up. PLEASE NOTE that we must be as quiet as possible at the trailhead to respect the people that live nearby otherwise this trail risks getting shut down. Click here for more info.

After the ride we can all meet up for lunch at Old Susana Café which is just down the road.

4pm Santa Monica Street/Trials/Flatland Ride OR Distance Beach Bike Path
(1633 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90401)
Started this ride a bit early to try and help people avoid rush hour traffic. We will meet by the Hot Dog on a Stick stand, which is just below the Santa Monica Pier. We will split off into two groups; those who want to do a street/trails/flatland ride and those that want to do a distance ride on nice beach bike path. Ride for as little or as long as you want, but I recommend you stay at least until the sun sets. Take a walk down to the end of the pier, go on some rides and grab some dinner at one of the many restaurants nearby.

8am Official Hollywood Sign Group Photo
(6337 Mulholland Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90068)
You won’t want to miss the Official 2014 CA Muni Weekend Group Photo taken under the world famous Hollywood Sign. This spot is the closest you can get to the sign and will make for a great photo. One you might want to frame or submit to a magazine! Please have your unicycles with you and listen to Jamey so we can get organized, take the photo and head to Fargo Street.

9am Fargo Street Hill Challenge
(2156 Fargo St, Los Angeles, CA 90039)
Fargo Street: 33%, 2nd steepest paved road in the US! Only a few people in the world have successfully climbed Fargo Street on a unicycle. Will you be added to that list? Now is your chance to give it a go. You will even get a certified certificate if you make it up with no dismounts. And for those who want, we may even have a $2 bill fun race up it.

11am Mt Wilson Shuttle Muni Ride
(2770 N Windsor Ave, Altadena, CA 91001)
Get ready for an epic ride that is mostly all downhill! We will meet in the JPL Parking Lot (address above) and will shuttle up to Eaton Saddle by a MTB Company. It costs $15/person. Please pay this when you do the online registration. Although it is possible to shuttle with your friends, it takes an hour to drive to the top, so when you finish you would have to drive back up another hour and then down, making it 3 hours’ worth of driving. So in my opinion it is worth paying the small fee to save 3 hours of your time. But if you have a non-rider that is willing to drop you off at the top, that would be fine and you can save the money.

Note: There is no water at the top, middle or bottom so it is mandatory that everyone brings lots and lots of water. Everyone should also bring lunch and snacks with. This will more than likely be a 4-5 hour ride so be prepared. There is not much shade and it will be hot. Use sunscreen!

I also recommend everyone with a smartphone to download the MTB Project App (click here). Have your phone fully charged before the ride and you will be able to see exactly where you are on the map to make sure you are going the right direction and don’t get lost.

Once at the top we will split into two groups: those that want to take the easy and shortest route down and those that want to take the crazy fun single track. I am hoping both groups can still meet up along the way down at two main spots (Inspiration Point & Echo Mt) for snacks/lunch. For those that are beginners or don’t want to be riding/walking next to cliff edges then there is a fire road called Mt Lowe Road that is 8.5 miles down, plus another mile or two back to the parking lot. Click here for more info.

For the intermediate and expert riders, the 13 mile trail is mostly single-track with lots of loose rocks, technical bits, tight switchbacks and even some cliff edges. Please be careful and walk any sketchy sections. These are the trails we will be riding (click on them for more info): Mt Lowe East, Snack break at Inspiration Point, Middle Sam Merrill, Lunch break at Echo Mt Resort Ruins, Mt Lowe Railroad Trail, and Sunset Ridge. From here we have two options, if people still want more we can ride up Brown Mt Truck Trail and down El Prieto or head back 2 miles on road to the parking lot. Four of us did the latter and you can see all the stats of our ride here.

For those that decide to do the hard trail, we do cross the easier fire trail several times so if you are feeling tired hopefully you can meet up with some of the riders and join them. We will make sure to pair up with partners to make sure that everyone has someone to ride with and to make sure everyone makes it to the bottom safely.

HIKERS: For any non-riders you may choose to take the shuttle and hike down. You may be able to keep up to the group if you are willing to jog/run bits. But please be warned as it might take a lot longer than riders depending on how fast you hike. You can choose the 8.5 miles fire road or 13 mile single-track.

5pm Disc Golf
(4024 Oak Grove Dr, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011)
This might be cancelled if the Mt Wilson ride takes longer than expected. For those that do make it down in time and still have energy, come play a round of disc (Frisbee) golf. This is the first disc golf course in the world! We will probably pair up into random teams and play “best disc”. If you have never played, we will teach you how (pretty easy) and there should be more than enough extra discs (I have about 20). If you own any please bring them.

7pm Dinner & Raffle at Congregation Ale House Pasadena
(300 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105)
Come join us for some yummy food and delicous craft beer. There will be a raffle (must be present to win) with cool swag from our sponsors; Kris Holm Unicycles, Bedford Unicycles & Unicycle.com. If you have old parts/shirts you want to donate, feel free to bring them here to have them in the raffle!

10am Aliso Woods & Canyon
(2 Silkwood, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656)
One of my favorite places to ride with lots of different trails of all levels. We will have a $2 Bill Challenge on the way up Cholla, then go down Stairsteps (most technical trail here), hike back up and ride fire road up to the Top of the World over looking Laguna. Have a snack break and then ride either ride down Car Wreck, Mathis or Rock-It. Then have a fun race back to the parking lot. If people want to ride more, we can go back for more.

3pm Laguna Swim at Table Rock Beach
(31539 Table Rock Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651)
Come cool off at one of the prettiest beaches in Southern California! Parking is a bit tricky as you need to find street parking nearby. It’s also a bit hard to find as you need to walk down Table Rock Drive and then down lots of steps to get to this secret beach.