2011 Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival

Come and join us in our fifth year! Early registration ends on October 1st. Please feel free to ask questions here about the festival. The festival is held in the Pisgah National Forest, just south of Asheville, North Carolina. There are miles of great trails suitable to challenge all riders at any level. Registration includes two meals, a t-shirt and camping in a groups site. Please bring your friends and spread the word so that we can keep this festival going. Thank you unicycle.com and Second Gear for your sponsorships this year.

Website: http://ashevillemunifest.com/

Date: October 28 to 30, 2011

Early Registration

Please don’t forget that early registration for the Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival ends October 1. Please register at our website http://ashevillemunifest.com/

While you are there, check out a 19 inch trials Nimbus that we are raffling to support the festival.

Thank you to our new sponsors Torker Unicycles, Black Dome, and the WNC Nature Center.



If you have any questions about the 2011 Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival, please post them here.

We’ve been busy making plans and you don’t want to miss this one! Please bring your friends. Unicyclists of all abilities are welcome.



Don’t forget that early registration for the Asheville MUni Fest ends October 1! Help spread the word. Leave comments and questions here for us.


Sorry guys, don’t think I’m going to be able to make it this year! :angry: :frowning: Went to the orthopedist a couple days ago and he wants me in my boot another six weeks! Well he did say initially it would be 2-3 months minimum and he’s right! Only good news is that I am healing just fine it’s just that the fracture was in an area that is very slow to mend itself. Typical! So that puts me through Halloween when I go back for another follow-up. While I could be good to go that weekend before my follow-up (i.e. the MUniFest weekend) I just don’t want to risk doing any MUni damage to myself. I’ve got to think about my long term situation here. As it is, when I do start back, it’s going to take a while to get back to my old form.

While I can’t do MUni, I can road ride. So since I had a great 50 mile road ride this past weekend I’m now making plans to ride the Silver Comet - Chief Ladiga Trail sometime very soon for my first uni-century! Wish me luck!

So have fun and rock it out! Perhaps I’ll see you guys on the trails before next year. No reason we can’t have a quarterly MUni Meetup at some neutral locations. You guys would love Oak Mountain, AL and/or Raccoon Mountain, TN.

All right for a beginner?

I am new to the forums and Unicycling but loving it. I am not sure if I will be welcome but would love to attend. I have only been riding for the last 3 weeks but can ride for a couple of miles at a time with no issues. Most of my riding is on road / commuting on my poor little Sun 24”.

I would love to be able to ride with others and join the group.



Hey Davey, it’s not all super pro riders, lots of folks just come out to ride with others, so you’ll meet all levels of riders and there will all types of riding available. Just show up, you’re bound to be stoked, not often that such a large group of unicyclists get together, as a new rider you shoudl show up for sure!

And you can try out all the other riders unis/munis which is a real treat if you never ridden a guni, giraffe, or 36er :slight_smile:

I’ll have my 36er at the event for sale, it’s currently listed on the Trading Post: 2010 KH 36, Ti Hub, Superlight

Car Pooling or best way to get down ?

Hi Ben / Everyone coming to the Muni fest :slight_smile:

I am still trying to decide what the best way of making it down from philly will be. Is anyone driving down or want a ride from DC. Or should i just fly and then drive from Charlotte.

I have a pretty roomy car if others want to share the ride down :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


PS Ben would love to try the 36’r if it still there and you never know you may be one uni lighter on the way home. (Want a 36’r and was looking to buy in the spring)

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Sorry not going to make it

Sorry ben and co was really looking forward to riding but think that i broke a couple of ribs last saturday and sleeping on a bed is hard enough so on the group and riding Muni is not a good plan.

So hope to catch you all another time.


Bummer! Did it happen riding?

I broke one skiing last year, wasn’t too bad, though it hurts like #^&*%^@#!

I was back riding in a couple weeks, so hopefully you’ll heal fast too.

cannot make it to munifest

I have a chest cold I haven’t been able to shake since Sep 9 (despite several rounds of antibiotics and other meds) so I won’t be able to make it to munifest. I thought it would be gone by now. I’ll be sure to make it next year.


I was planning to come over for Saturday riding only, so no meals or camping, didn’t pre-register, so I just went to the website tonight and boy did I get some sticker shock :astonished:

Might be selling the 36er on-line after all :roll_eyes:

Ben- hate hear that. I was hoping to get lots of one on one gear advice. Either way, I’m still on for riding 11/10 or 11/11 in Chattanooga.


Gear advice? Dang, this whole forum is ate up with advice :slight_smile:

Okay, my advice: Don’t sweat the little stuff :wink:

I’m pretty sure we’ll come over for Saturday, so as long as the powers that be are cool with a lesser “donation”, I’ll just plan to ride with the group.

So, is the Sat morning ride still considered a race or have they given up on that silliness?

I much prefer social interaction to competition, so for me a group ride where folks stop and talk, do a little goofing off, maybe try some tech stuff/trials along the way, stop to eat a snack, etc…

But hey, it ain’t my parade.

+1 (even though I won’t be able to make it this year)

In my case a big reason for attending munifest is to learn from more experienced riders. I’m looking forward to next year.

Uni polo

Just got all the mallets and stuff together for uni polo at the fest this weekend. Hope everyone brings their A game!

So sorry I’m going to miss all you guys AGAIN! Just too chancy taking on that much buff MUni just days away from getting out of my cam-walker boot. I’ve been out of running and MUni action for over 3 months and am just finally going to be able to start back into things next week. But hey, doesn’t mean we can only meet up once a year you know. There is some fantastic riding all around the south east. I’m planning on making another trip back to Oak Mountain, Raccoon Mountain and just tearing up the trails around my own Monte Sano State Park in the coming months. Just drop me a line if you’d like to meet up for a ride.

Have a fantastic weekend of riding!

Hey Munisano- this might still be a little to soon regarding your injury, but Nurse Ben and I have a tentative plan for Raccoon Mtn. for the weekend of Nov. 10th. Not set in stone, but either Sat. or Sun works for me. We probably won’t be tearing anything up, but good to get out and meet new folks.

Chris S.