2010 San Francisco Unicycle Tour

Sorry for the late notice, but the big tour next month is on! The date is Sunday September 12 and all the details are here: http://www.unitoursf.com/

Join us for a great ride!


If it wasn’t going to cost me 300 dollars, and I didn’t have to fly out 3 days after driving back from Vancouver, I’d be very interested in for flying out there.

The tour is coming up in a few days. AJ is flying out from Texas and Carl is coming from Toronto. Hope to see many locals too.


Jason, Louise and I will be there!

I’m in. Looking forward to a hard-earned dinner at Cioppino’s

I’ll be there. Slight possibility Jacquie (and a friend or two) will drive down with me. If they do, we will probably be able to finally join the group for the big dinner!

Off topic, sorry, but who is this rider from Texas? Any idea whereabouts in Texas?

AJ is a famous guy, one of the top distance riders of all time from Texas. Here’s his team page from Ride The Lobster.

That’s nice of you to say, Nathan but famous? Absolutely not. I’m just lucky enough to have found the type of riding that I’m passionate about. 36er. Julia, I live in Austin and do commuting, off-road and some distance. Nice to meet you.


The tour was a great success. Thanks Gary for organizing everything and even providing custom energy bars for everyone. We had 19 unicyclists and 4 bicyclists and nicer weather than the last couple of years. The ride went really well and was topped off again with a great dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Here some some photos and a few video clips: http://nhoover.smugmug.com/Unicycling/Coker-Rides/SF-Unitour-2010/

See you next year for the 9th edition!


Isn’t SF like one of the hardest places on earth to ride a unicycle with all the hills?

Looks like you all had a great time.

That looks like a great ride. Thank you for the pictures.

Will there be one next year? If so, what date?


The ride is always on the Sunday closest to Gary’s birthday (Sept 12). So the 2011 version will be on Sept 11 (his wife’s birthday). Hope to see you there.

No. They’re paved. :smiley:

But some of those streets are mega steep though! The famous “crooked” Lombard St. descent is pretty steep, though in well-landscaped switchbacks. The next block of Lombard is even steeper, and goes straight down…

More pictures (via a public album) on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=515791&id=579285120&ref=mf


Wow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of Beau on a bicycle before. When did he learn how to ride that?

I had a fantastic time. It was great to see the California bunch again.

Here are my photos:

Here is my GPS data of the route:

Thanks Gary.


Funny. He learned to bike before unicycle. He rode about half the tour on the bike which is by far his longest bike ride. Bevan has been unicycling for years but the 20+ miles he rode on the tour on Beau’s guni is by far his longest uni ride. He had ridden a 36-er maybe 50’ before! They both really enjoyed the novelty.