2009 KH 24" Muni w/adjustable Rail Saddle and Brake Mount

Up for sale is my EXCELLENT condition KH 24" Muni, bought in 2009, Including adjustable rail mount for saddle with brake mount option! Thompson seatpost available +$50 Tire in Perfect condition hardly ridden at all. I had a 20" that I did all my riding on at the time. This unicycle will come to you ready to go, just put your seat on it. I have extra bumpers available also if you need them for your saddle! Also included is an extra two bolt seatclamp by Kris Holm! Thats two seatposts and two seatclamps. I did all my riding with pvc armor covering the frame so it has no wear on the paint.
Price is $450 which includes everything listed.

Payment by paypal verified account.


Saddle: No saddle included
Seat post: KH Adjustable 27.2 x 350mm bolt on style, sand blast black, pinned and bonded rectangular mounting

bracket, 4 hole
Seat post clamp: aluminum KH Double Bolt, black
Frame: KH Signature Blue 24" 7005 aluminum. Machined bearings, butted seatpost tube, and Magura brake mounts
Hub/axle: KH Moment ISIS, 36 hole, Aluminum, 100 mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless Black (231mm in length for 3X)
Rim: KH 24", 36 hole, 47 mm wide, eyelets, offset spokes, ovalised holes, ERD 496
Rim strip: Blue vinyl
Tube size: 24" x 2.7 - 3.0
Tire: Duro Wildlife Leopard 24" x 3.0"
Crank arms: KH Moment ISIS, 150 mm, polished aluminum
Pedals: Animal Hamilton Pedals with Replaceable set screw pins, non-sealed, 9/16 threads
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm
Approx. cycle weight: 12.01 lbs.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Kris Holm
Brand-Unicycle Muni Series
Wheel Size 24 inch
Minimum Inseam Length 29" (74cm)
Type - Unicycle Mountain
Type - Seatpost Clamp Double Bolt - 27.2mm
Seatpost - Diameter 27.2mm
Color - Frame Blue
Color - Rim Anodized Black
Type - Crank ISIS
Crank Length 150mm
Type - Pedal Aluminum
Bearing Size 22x42x12mm
Cycle Weight 12 lbs.

ah, superhero, you sure that is your unicycle in the picture? Do you want to do me a favour and tell us the serial number on that hub, where you got your cranks machined, and who made the custom handle for you?

+100 saskatchewanian on that one! :astonished: I would have jumped on this if I hadn’t just talked to you, sure does look familar. Wow.

Hey thesouperhero wasn’t this your uni you were sellinghttp://unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89982&highlight=Muni and before that you had it listed as a 2006, now I’m wondering what’s up and I’m skeptical, sorry. :roll_eyes:

OK perhaps I should post this so nobody misses my subtle hint that this is not his unicycle and gives this guy money.

That is not his unicycle, in fact it is MY unicycle.

I bought it from lunicycle this spring and he took the picture from this thread.

That’s too bad… I would have bought this right away for $450! It’s so cheap for a 24Guni :stuck_out_tongue: I knew I saw that picture from another user before though.

Hey Eric, it says he’s selling your unicycle with the KH isis hub (not the Schlumpf) and it sounds like it needs a seat too, so I’m only gonna offer $400.


KH 24 for sale.

Hey everyone. Sorry about all of this. The ad linked in the reply is mine, and I used this picture to show the rail mount used on his unicycle. The condition of his unicycle was as good as mine which led me to think that would be a fair compromise to post a different picture. I have sold a KH20" on this forum in the past with good results and no unhappy customer. Due to injury I’m not able to ride offroad anymore. So please don’t ban me from the forums.

I’m not an expert and someone else on the forum can confirm the year of the unicycle but if that link is your unicycle then it is a 2007, you might have purchased it in 2009 used, but that is a blue hub and from all my experience a 2007 (my trials has the blue hub) and the blue hub is known to be a weak hub compared to the newer models.
Basically $450.00 without a saddle for a 2007 in my opinion is overpriced, but maybe I’m crazy.

unicyclerceri has one for sale on the trading post and he is asking £100 which is about $158.00 (granted that is really cheap, but has some cosmetic wearing) also I was offered one for $300 these are complete unicycles, ready to ride, not lacking saddles. Just saying

if you’re still interested, I’ll take $400 for it.

At this point you will need to post some actual pictures of your uni. Add a note in the picture of todays date & your user name. Your posting of the trials uni doesn’t show it ever sold or even that any of the questions were answered. I’m sorry, but your credibility at this stage is zero & it’s going to take some work to build it back up.

no soup for you dude, come back one year! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think admin needs to take notice and kill this person’s access.

I reported the OP, hopefully their access will be limited or they’ll at least get a one time warning.

If the OP was honest, they would post the real picture AND provide age and location info in their bio.

Clearly they are tyring to scam someone.

Rail mount?? Fail! Someone needs to do their homework…

205% sure that seatpost is a KH adjustable…those custom handles won’t work with an old school KH rail mount.

And the description even says KH adjustable…

Sorry for the delay. The picture linked is my original picture. Here are the attached shots of my actual Uni, same as my original ad. Maybe I misunderstood the rail mount. I never actually used the mount, because i didnt need a brake. I just swapped my saddle over from my KH20. however, the adjustable KH post requires RAILS on a saddle, which KH saddles and all unicycles lack. so that was my understanding… there is no scamming going on here. The updates werent going to my inbox for this thread. which is my fault and my loss here. damnn original pics are not saved. be right back… few minutes… will shoot more… ugh

more pics!

ok, here are more pics. With everything included I think that $450 is a fair price. But I understand most people don’t need all these parts. You guys should be critical of people selling here, but lets see if these pictures will help my case.





That’s better.

I’ll offer to buy the Thompson seat post as a single item if you’re interested.

Send me a PM so we can talk off the forum.

note in picture added…