2008 Torker LX?

I am looking for a cheap 20" uni, and on a whim I went to the Torker site to see what was there. What I found was a picture of 2008 lx’s that shows two different uni’s. I can only assume that the gray one is remainder stock that they are unloading, and that the red one is the new model.

It looks like the seat tube goes through the crown, and there is a collar at the crown joint.

Has anyone seen one of these? How do you think this would compare to a Nimbus Club?

I have a 26" torker LX that I like just fine. You may beat it to death though

I really don’t think I’ll beat it up. I am looking for something to ride inside over the winter, and for my wife to learn on.

I just noticed that there seem to be two different frames, and if I’m going to pay the same price I’d rather get the stronger version.

+1 We use nimbus club unis for our club and I had an old torker lx that I destroyed. The main thing that is better is the hub. The nimbus hub is a UDC chromo one, which is better than the crappy torker hub.

Thanks for the advice. The UDC specs are bad, so I don’t really know from their site what is really on the uni’s. For instance, the LX is listed as having a steel rim, torker says it’s aluminum. The Club is listed as a having a steel hub, and now I’m learning that it is the UDC chromoly hub. Other uni’s on UDC specifically say it’s the CrMo hub.

How is the Club saddle? Is it worth $15 for an upgrade to the Nimbus Gel?

ive used the nimbus gel and the club saddle, not too much difference and the club saddle is fine after 2 months :slight_smile:

Interesting, i’ve never seen a red one before. However, the frame shown on the red one is the new style of frame, the collar is a good improvement, because thats where they used to bend. the frame is cromo, and as far as i know, so is the hub. i’ve bent torker lx cranks, however nothing has made me question the integrity of the hub. personally i think they’re pretty nice, but i don’t like the seat.
Unfortunately, i haven’t had any experience with the club, it looks nice, it’s amazing how bad udc can be w/ specs, i wonder if the club seat has the velo base, or something else. if it does have the velo base, than it would be a very similar saddle to the nimbus, velo, chris holm, etc., and should be relatively strong. maybe someone who has had experience w/ them knows…

CrMo is steel… but yes UDC can be very bad on their specs. Both unicycles are fine learner unicycles, but personal I would rather spend my money on a Nimbus, a unicycle only company run by Roger Davies of UDC UK, rather than Torker, who also make bikes. Also I would spend the $15 to upgrade to a gel seat. They aren’t all that different, but your butt will probably appreciate it.

While it’s true that CrMo is steel, the reverse is not necessarilly so. I was in the bike biz for 9 years, and when companies use the term “steel” it is usually refering to high carbon steel, and not any of the more specialized alloys like stainless, or CrMo.

If UDC is going to make a distinction in one case, the assumptions follow about the rest of their specs. They really need someone to go through their catalog and edit for continuity.

Thanks for the suggestion on the GEL seat. It was my inclination to spend the extra. It’s not much more, and there are quite a few good reviews of it.


I’d go for the club as it has a better frame. The crown of the LX sticks out from the fork legs and sooner or later you’ll bash your legs on it. This won’t happen nearly as much with the better designed Nimbus II frame on the Club Freestyle.

The hub on the Club Freestyle model is a UDC hub, but not the same as the UDC Chromoly hub. The UDC chromoly hub is a better, stronger hub. The Club Freestyle’s hub says ‘Unicycle.com’ on it, but not ‘CrMo Hub’.

The LX has an aluminium rim rather than a steel one.

Torker’s website says the LX has a chromoly steel frame and that there is a choice of two colours (slate metallic or ‘illusion’ - whatever colour that is). It does seem a little odd that the red one has a different frame, though.

OneWheelLess - The Club Freestyle has a saddle different to the ones made by Velo. It’s called the Club Saddle (surprise!).

-They probably just used an old photo for the black one, and figured no one would notice
-the frame shown on the red one IS the design currently in use, the reinforcement was added somewhere in 2007, as far as I can tell.
-the frame is chromoly, wheel has 48 stainless steel spokes, seem to be pretty decent material, pretty sure the hub is chromo, and is machined very well, definitely better than the hubs found on other beginner cycles and 1st gen. Cokers, and the rim is a fairly strong single-wall rim (is the club also single-wall?) Seems to be stronger than the single-wall alloy rims found on most cheap bikes, and a definite step up from any steel rim on the market.
-seat clamp is ok, however the bolts are rather small, and the lx seatpost is rather soft steel and will deform if over-tightened
-sounds like you should probably upgrade the seat regardless of which uni you buy, lol. In order to put a normal seat on the lx, you’ll have to buy a new seatpost

Thanks for chiming in. It’s kind of funny to put this much energy into a cheap uni that really isn’t going to get too much abuse, but to summarize:

The Torker has a CrMo frame, and little nubs sticking out of the side of the crown. The hub is of some unknown steel, and has mixed reviews. It has Al cranks that have mixed reviews, some love them others bend them on the first ride. It is drilled for 48 spokes making the wheel stronger -maybe, but it is not standard and will be more difficult to replace wheel parts. This seat has very mixed reviews, but apparently

The Club Freestyle has a “steel” Nimbus 2 frame, and the nubs stick up rather than out to the side. The hub is also of some unknown steel, and has no reviews mixed or otherwise. It has steel cranks that look like the united ones, known to bend; however, in this short length probably not a real concern. It is 36 hole which makes replacing rims/hubs a bit easier due to the more standard drilling.

I also found the Nimbus 2 20" red for $170. It has the same stock number as the ISIS version on UDC. If it is really the ISIS one I might just put in the extra and get the better hub with a double walled rim.

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