2008-Mongoose unicycle

The frame is pretty weird looking it looks like the same design s for the new corkers.
Its only for baby/kid though.

Hmm… that gives me an idea what I think the new Coker is going to look like. I am not sure what to this of it.

omg, screw that uni
its a learner at 25lbs
no, just no… that is insanely heavy. most 20" learners weigh in around 10lbs.

I hope the new coker frame isn’t going to be as heavy.
The torker Lx handle in silver looks good, I wonder if is available separately.
155mm cranks are a bit long for a 20 inch unicycle


This uni has been on amazon for awhile.

Yeah I totally agree. As I was reading the specs, I saw that it was 25 lbs. and was like :astonished:

I hope not. All this hype, about the new coker. If it ends up as heavy as the mongoose frame, I am going to get a Nimbus for sure. I am still not sure what the think of the “bar stool” design. I can see the possibilities of someone getting their leg/knee caught in it.

Exactly and its for kids not the bright thing to do since that is like half the weight or more of the most little kids.

Does this mean Wal-mart may be stocking unicycles now?

UDCs worst nightmare! Dun dun dunnnn!


That would be interesting

Even when interviewed by Forbes, that what he said he wouldnt like. But then again, Wal-mart always deals with low-mid levels of unicycles. UDC still sells the top of the line unis, that are far better better than the beginner Mongoose. (25lbs. Ouch!!) So im sure they would still keep their business up and profitable.

Then again, if the unicycles were a big seller, that might open up more dealers, and more companies dealing with Torker, KH, Koxx, Qu-Ax, and the other good brands, giving UDC a competition.

Look like that frame would hit your knees. But its probably just the angle of the picture.

Except their bread and butter is the vast number of beginner unicycles they sell. The high-end stuff is the minority!

For a retailer like Wal Mart, they won’t stock the item until it’s a big seller. I don’t think they’re ready to start stocking unicycles just yet.

As for the goofy-looking 20" linked above, it looks cool, and those 155mm cranks will get you up the steepest of anything! Plus they’ll hit the ground as soon as you try to make a turn. :slight_smile:

And I don’t see how it can weigh so much. That number is probably an error, as it even sounds like too much for a shipping weight.

It’s different but looks complicated to ride because your leg will hit the sharp ends of the post thing. :smiley:

I don’t know about you guys, but I have never had my knees hit my frame… I ride a DX too… which apparently isn’t great for hitting your knees on.

I doubt the frame on that ugly Mongoose junk thing sticks out far enough to hit your knees.

No i mean when riding it and cornering it. It looks like the sharp ends will touch your knees. (depending on your angle of turning)

do you understand how to turn on a unicycle … properly?
knees get bashed on big stairsets.

That uni isn’t that new I’ve seen it since last year

that was harsh. Deleted