2008 kh 20"

I am in the market for a new unicycle but in order to do this, I must sell the old one! There are a few things…

  1. This is the original thread I bought it from: (This will have all information)
    Kh20 2008

  2. After getting bored with the color: (this happened)
    How to paint your unicycle. (too broke for powdercoating)

Now that you’ve seen it original and newly colored. I do have to take new pictures, it’s is a little more scuffed up now, but not much. I don’t do many tricks, I’ve dropped it while trying try to ride and such.

I’d like to only deal with local pick up for now. I’m not sure how much to ask for it, but I’m thinking 275$.


Trying to edit the price, but it won’t let me…

I’m just gonna knock it down to $250

Any possibility of shipping it to PA?

I’m going to be honest here guys… I am not opposed to shipping to anywhere (in the states)… Im just not entirely sure how to quote the price… So if you want to get me a shipping price on something that weights the same as a 08 KH 20" + the 150mm cranks… I’d be happy to consider it.

Otherwise, guide me and Ill see if I can do it. :smiley:

pm sent

im interested if you can ship


I decided not to sell last time, but since this post, I haven’t really touched the uni…

I am however, trying to find a 26" or 29" w/ moutain tire. So if anyone has anything available for trade we can discuss…

Also- I have brand new 137MM cranks, still in plastic, not sure what im doing with them yet but either ill sell separately or we can add to deal if there is any…

pm sent


Still available?

Big Bump…
Sorry, I haven’t been around, life get’s busy sometimes, ykno…
My poor unicycle got all of the upgrades…

yellow rim strip
glow in the dark purple odyssey pedals.

And then was ridden twice.

It is just collecting dust in my closet at the moment.

I’m not in dire need to sell this but if there is any interest, I’d be willing to put forth a bit more effort this time around. Also- If people could PM with what they think I should ask (interested or not) I’d appreciate it!

Edit: I wanna start asking at $300 because of the practically brand new gear on it! Or best offer.

Damn! I’m sorry, I can’t edit my previous posts! If a mod would combine these that would be great!
The cranks are 110MM not 100! I typo’d!


I’d also be willing to trade for a 26"-29" unicycle. Doesn’t have to be a KH. Just show me what you have- if interested.

$250 bump

I want to buy or trade. Please text me at 270-994-5547. Thanks

Hi, do you still have this for sale? I can walk you through the shipping.

Give me a call. Stuart


Please email me savethespiders@hotmail.com about the uni…I can’t message you here for some reason.

still for sell it interest me…

Yes. 919 428 5364