2008 kh 20"

Riot, If you want to sell this and not deal with shipping I’m local. Sent you a PM.

Hey all,
I’ll reply to all of you tonight after work. Its too hard to pm from phone!

Thanks for all the interest!

What do you have for trades?

I’m going to try to PM you, if it works, we’re golden. If not, post up and I’ll e-mail you!

Everyone else, I have PM’d you back.

I’ll be in Rhode Island this weekend if anybody is nearby and wants to take a look.

I will be heading down from CT to VA tomorrow (Friday, August 31st). I imagine I will be taking 95 South just about the entire way. If anyone wants to meet me somewhere close to the highway (I’m on kind of a timeline) let me know ASAP!

Also, If anyone wants to drive to CT and pick it up at another time (that isn’t tomorrow, obviously) that’ll also work.

$225 takes it.

Do you want to trade for something? txt 919 428 5364 if so, might could meet you near 95 in maryland

Unfortunately, I had already left by the time this was posted. Sorry!

The previous post still stands, 225$ if you come to CT and get it!


Is the uni still for sale? If it is, can you summarize what cranks are on and if there is additional parts in the deal (or not) ? If you have one, a pic would be great.

Where are you located in CT? I am nearby Boston MA and can manage a pickup in person depending how far your are.

I have some parts for trade in another thread, would you be interested by some parts + money ?

PM me if you want to discuss it further :slight_smile:


Here is the link to the thread: http://unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95406

Do you still have this?