2003 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention

The 2003 North American Championships and Convention (NAUCC 2003) will be held on July 30 - August 5, 2003 in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The NAUCC 2003 is open to unicyclists of any ability to come and ride with other unicyclists from all over North America. There will be competitions, workshops, mountain unicycling, trials, freestyle, racing, hockey, basketball, and more!

Details about this event, including the registration forms and preliminary schedule, are available at: http://www.tcuc.org/naucc/

Time for everyone to block off their calendars, make their travel plans, and register! Remember to register early. TCUC needs the funds up front to pay convention bills, so the earlier the better. Make sure you don’t miss the April 1 deadline, after which the registration fee jumps to $75.

What are the Muni trails like near the Twin Cities?


It’s amazing how much I want to go doesn’t change the fact I won’t be going…the joys of being a canadian underage student with no money :slight_smile:

Trails: within half an hour, there are 4 or 5 pretty good ones (relative, not like north shore stuff) worth having fun rides on. twisty, short (again relative) uphills and downhills, some have logs to jump/ride over, small drops (under a foot and a half).

About an hour south, there are some better ones, with longer ups and downs. slightly less twisting. steeper downs than closer trails.

I might find more, but cant test many due to the season.

Mojoe might be able to help me out here with better descriptions?

I can also recamend some good trials sites if people want me to.

I was hoping you could show me.


If you MUCsters are coming up for MONDO, I’ll have to try and get up there Saturday or Sunday. I need to get me some juggling clubs anyway. The only juggling props I own are my three chain-mail covered juggling balls.



Glad to see you got your shirts mojoe!

I wish I could make it to the festivities this year but chances are I will be in Cailifornia teaching kids how to unicycle at a camp. You guys have changed my opinion on these festivals, Although I still never plan on going to another IJA festival.


Chex, where’s the camp? Anywhere in the Sacramento part of the state?

For you out-of-staters, Sacramento is halfway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Tahoe is at the upper ‘crook’ in California’s eastern border.

The camp is in Laytonville, CA its about halfway between sanfran, and oregon, or about as far north as Reno, but more toward the coast. From what I here there’s not really much arround there. But hopefully they will hire me, and I’ll be a great summer.