20" upgrade?

I’ve been riding me 20" for about 3 years now and I am beginning to get interested in a few simple tricks. should I upgrade my uni to a bigger tire or does it matter???

just wait, your going to want to upgrade the entire uni soon

Note: Before you ask any more upgrade questions please do two things:

  • Read around in these forums and find the answers to many, many, many upgrade questions just like yours (see search link near the top of the page).

  • Tell us what you’re riding now so we don’t tell you to go buy the same thing.

Welcome to the forums!

I have some questions to ask.
1) Is the unicycle you have now a learners unicycle??
2) Are you’re going to be doing MUni. If so, then a 24" would be better to use.

If not, a TRIALS would be perfect for doing even the simplest of tricks.