20" Street Freestyle Wheel - ISIS

This wheel is a really unique one, I don’t think there are any other setups too similar. Just about everything on here is barely used and in like new condition with a few minor cosmetic scratches here and there. I built it up and never really got a chance to ride it along with my other unis due to school and work.

20" Nimbus DJ Rim - True 20" (takes bike tires) but as wide as a trials rim
20G 20x3.25" Tire - I dont know how accurate their 3.25" measurement is but this tire is massive. The overall wheel is quite a bit larger than a trials wheel.
114mm Qu-Ax ISIS freestyle cranks - People totally underrate these cranks, they are pretty strong and at this length you go super fast. Crank-flips and other tricks are totally doable with these.
KH Moment ISIS Hub - You all know this one.

I’m asking $135 OBO. This could be an awesome wheel for certain types of street - you can get going really fast with this wheel and huck some sets. If you are constantly hitting huge sets with this you may have to upgrade to the Moment cranks as those are a bit stronger.

I’d say the wheel is more like a 22" wheel than anything. It wont fit in the newest Nimbus II frames unless you get longer bearing cap bolts and shim the frame a whole bunch - the wheel is too tall.

Will it fit an '08 KH frame?

what about an 07?

It should fit fine in an 07 KH frame. I’ve never seen an 08 KH frame in person so I can’t be sure but from looking at pictures it looks like it should fit but it would be close.

Since it won’t fit the Nimbus II frame, do you think it would fit my Qu-Ax trials frame? If not, how would I go about getting a shim for it?

How much clearance is there between your Qu-Ax frame and a trials tire?

I’ve made shims from clippings of old tubes and also from folded duct tape. You only need to shim the top section of the frame so you don’t need to go all around the bearing. All you really need to do is get some strips of some sort of material about the width of the bearing and put it on top of the bearing to prop up the frame.

Price update: $125

Ugh… have to resist… God… being poor sucks…

I take it you can’t aquire a job?

I won’t threadjack too much…
But I live about 20 miles from town and there aren’t any “real” jobs here.
I work part time as a music teacher and I make a bit of money playing shows but I need that for college.

[QUOTE=Brian O.;1179083]
How much clearance is there between your Qu-Ax frame and a trials tire?

I measured 11" from the center of the hub to the bottom of the crown.

I heard that cutting up soda cans into strips would make an alright little homemade shim. I’d want it to be stable, obviously.

Trying to convince my wife to let me have this with my tax refund. Hell, if nothing else, I’d get it and just hang on to it until I could buy a frame for it. I’m 6’5" so, 20" tires have always felt a bit small for me. My 24" is just too big for tricks. I’ve actually been thinking of a setup like this for a little while now.

I’ll keep you posted.

Personally i would not use pop can shims for the bearing housing. I had some to tweak the wheel alignment on a slightly crooked frame and they got wrecked after a month or two of riding.

I have plastic shims made from the plastic of a nalgene bottle so a trials wheel fits in my EB 20" frame and that works really well but it has pressed bearing holders. It might be harder to properly shim machined bearing holders since tolerances are way tighter.

That’s cool. If I get it, I’ll probably just keep in until I can buy a frame that it will fit, without shims.

I should know in a couple of days.

Do you have any better pics of the tire? What’s the tread pattern look like? Can’t really tell in the pics.

The tire has little grip nubs along the edges and is slick in the middle. The rubber of the middle section is rather thick, I don’t think you could ever wear through this tire. The side nubs show basically no wear.

Let me know if theres any other pictures you would like. I think this wheel would work for someone as tall as you, its a good in-between size.

I’m talking to another user here about getting a 24" frame for it. How do you think that would look? I’m concerned about the high level of tire clearance and the super high crown. Maybe I could find a welder to cut down the forks.

Severe money issues just popped up. Count me out on this one. Sorry.

No worries, I hope everything is okay.

The wheel’s outer diameter is about the size of a 24" rim minus the tire. The new Nimbus II frames would probably work pretty well as those don’t have much clearance over the 24" tires.

Free pair of plastic freestyle pedals included.

Hey Brian, I have an old school Nimbus II frame that I had a 3 inch trials tire in and it cleared no problem. My only guestion would be on the height. You said it’s about 22" in overall height, so I will check and see if my frame would fit.

I will let you know tomorrow.