20" Street Freestyle Wheel - ISIS

the 22" measurement was a total guess, let me check it.

My very rough measurements put it at just around 21.6" versus 20.7" of a trials wheel with a luna.

For $150 I’ll sell it with a Big Apple 20x2.35". Originally I was going to hold onto this tire because its freaking amazing and rather difficult to get a hold of but I’d like to sell this wheel to afford some photography stuff.

The BA 20x2.35 is as wide as a Luna trials tire (all I have to compare it to) but HALF THE WEIGHT of a creepy crawler due to its kevlar construction. Unlike the TwentyG, this tire will actually fit in a normal Nimbus II frame with some minor shimming.

I paid around $60 dollars to get this tire through UDC because they had to ship it from the distributor and because the availability is rather iffy, it took a few weeks. The tire is in great condition and its tread is in great shape.

I’m almost reluctant to offer this tire up for sale…

awww man what a sweet tire.

I’m pretty interested in this. looking to build up a freestyle uni and this would be great(except the tire maybe).

Cool, well keep me updated. I didn’t really want to sell the tire anyhow.

ISIS Wheel


cough 2007 torker DX frame cough

Sorry to resurrect this post but because I’ve gotten quite a few PMs recently about it, this wheel was sold a while ago. Goodluck finding the DJ rim everyone!

UDC told me they actually found the rim in a motorcycle shop, apparently it wasn’t initially designed for bikes (or unicycles).

But don’t worry, in April the 20" KH rim comes out :stuck_out_tongue:

Or really? Even better. The DJ weighed like it was built for motorcycles too, but at the time it was the only option for a nice big 20" wheel.