20" flat frame

recommend me a 20" frame for stand up


Depends on your height, width of your hub, or if you want aluminium or steel. There are a few possibilities:

Standard Width Hub (100mm)
20" Nimbus ‘Equinox’ Aluminium Frame
20" Kris Holm ‘Long-Neck’’ Unicycle Frame
20" Nimbus X Unicycle Frame
20" Nimbus II ‘Long-Neck’ Unicycle Frame
20" QX Series ‘Long-Neck’ Unicycle Frame

Narrow Width Hub (90mm)
20" Nimbus ‘Eclipse’ Aluminium Frame

I have the Eclipse frame (powder coated not a fan of the gold) and it’s amazing but if you’ve got standard hub I’d personally go Equinox.


I would maybe get one of them frames but far to expensive.

Oops, sorry about the “+1”. I thought you were recommending using a 20" frame for stand-up skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, I’d go for the Nimbus Eclipse frame. Beautiful!

Was just looking at that when you mentioned it for an upgrade from my nimbus II frame (Though I like it just want a less slippery surface for my foot…) and it seems to need a very specific hub. The “Nimbus Gold ISIS LT Narrow Hub”??

Sorry for double post just looked again and the equinox frame (the one up) is only 50p more and takes normal hubs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill probobly get the one i used to use but ill have to ship if from Germany!