20" Bedford with KH hub/cranks and seat

Does any one have or know any thing about the

trials cycle that is on bedford.ca? Is it a good uni compared with the others on the market (Nimbus, Onza, KH)? I’m going to e-mail Darren Bedford but do any of you know the specs on it(weight, component, ect.)? I’m looking for a trials cycle but I don’t think I will be able to get a KH.

P.S. What is a Koxx and are they availible in the us?

I, and many others, have that exact uni. I like mine a lot and i’ve heard no complaints from others who have it. If you are an expert, then you may want to get the authentic KH, but for the rest of us, the Bedford-KH is an excellent buy. You may want to swap the KH seat for a Miyata, though. Darren will do that for you.

Koxx is a French brand that makes really good unis. They also have a gel filled seat that i’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while. From what i know, their stuff isn’t available over here, though.

Thank you greatly! Do you have a picture of it? How does it compare to the Onza? And do you know if it has a 19in frame or a 20in?

No, i don’t have a pic, but it looks the exact same as every other uni. 19" frame? What does that mean?

Does it fit a 20" wheel? Yes, of course.
Can i extend/contract the seat post so that the saddle is 19 or 20" from the hub? Um, i guess, i’ve never actually tried, but that sounds about reasonable.

If you really want to see one, search the forum for Darren’s pictures. He has 3 URLs floating around where he stores images of his stuff.

Oh, and i’m not familiar with the Onza uni, so i can’t compare.

Where are you from? There may be people in your town with a Bedford that you can ride around, if you are unsure.

There is no difference. 19 inch tires are actually larger OD than 20 inch tires most of the time. They use the same, 20 inch, frame.

I just did a quick measurement on the difference between 19" and 20" tires. My 20" freestyle style tire has a true 20" exterior diameter, while my Maxxis 19" has an exterior diameter of nearly 21". I’m not sure how that helps you but I just found it interesting.

Let us know what you decide…

Sorry I meant Rim not frame. but do you know what frame it has?

As far as I know it has Bedford’s own frame.

It would have a 19" rim. But I’m not sure which brand.

The frame is the same as Yuni and the rim is a DX 32

How does it compare with the onza and the KH? Isn’t the yuni frame really cheap? How does the DX rim compare to the KH rim?
Yeah I know I’m full of questions.

The one in the pictures I posted it is the 03-04 hub/crankset. The new KH hub/crankset is better. But you would have to call up Darren and ask if in comes with the new or old hub (I belive it is the old one) The new KH has cranks nearly identical to the onza, however thehub is better, but I think the overall strength is the same.

I my opinion the DX-32 rim is better. I saw 2 KH rims at toque that the side walls folded over or peeled off and another posted online One of them has peeled about half way around. The owner said something like “I was just bunny hopping on the ground and it started to peel, the pressuer from the tire keept it peeling slowly until it stoped” (something like that).

Here is my opinion in order of strength.
2.KH 05
4.KH 04

Those frames are cheep money wise, but i think they are a very strong good frame, and I highly doubt it will ever brake.

I just got an e-mail for Darren Bedford telling me the stats of the Bedford trials:

So if its down to the Onza or the Bedford which one should I go for? Remember if I go with the Bedford I can swap out parts for better ones. Is there any thing on the bedford that you people would recomend upgrading? Like an Alex trials rim instead of the Alex ALDX32? Or a maxxis or Monty Tire?

Here is the stats for the Onza:

Hub/Axle: 3/4-inch splined, heat-treated steel

Crank Arms: 140-mm CrMo splined for strength, hollow for lightweight

Rim: Alex DX32 19-inch double-walled, 36-hole, black finish

Spokes: 14g stainless steel

Tire: Onza 20- x 2.5-inch

Frame: CrMo matt black finish

Pedals: Platform-style BMX with steel pins

Seat Post Clamp: Large double-bolted, black finish

Saddle: Onza brand contoured saddle with front lift handle and rear bumper guard

Seatpost: 27.2 mm wide

From what i know, the Alex ALDX32 rim is a pretty standard trials rim. Don’t bother swapping it. That’s what i’m riding anyway. Oh, in case you didn’t know, the pedals are alloy (metal), not resin (plastic). I also ride the Luna tire, and i like it. The only thing that is different on mine it the seat. I use the Miyata.

I’d go with Darren’s, with the KH05 cranks and hub, if you have the cash (they are more, right?). My old KH cranks are real ankle-bone biters, because the axle sticks out past the cranks. So, the newer the better, IMO. I guess Darren mods his older KH cranks to minimize that knob now, but i curse them anyway. Maybe i’m wrong, though.

Get the cheaper one. The rim is a trials rim.

If anyone is interested I have a Bedford Trials uni that I am looking to part with, not for any reason other than I dont ride it as I have another trials uni with profile cranks.

The specs are
2003 (not sure on the exact modle year) KH Cranks and Hub
Alex dx32 rim w/ eylits
Yuni frame
OEM Kris Holm Seat circa 03
bedford post
crappy standard pedals

Everything is in like new condition and had hardly been riden at all. Asking price is $200us (shipping included to states /pickup avalible)


check your pms!

Do you guys think the Bedford can handle the kind of stress and damage that the Onza and KH can?

Of course. The only actual Bedford piece that you’ll be getting is the frame. Many amazing riders ride Bedford frames and treat them like hell, and i’ve never heard anybody complain that they haven’t gotten their money’s worth out of the uni.

Plus, frames are probably the last thing to go on a uni, since the only time any significant stress is put on them is when you really screw up an obscure landing. Seats and posts break on bails where you press down hard on the handle after bailing down sets or your ass lands on the seat hard; pedals wear down with grinding and grabbing; cranks and hubs get bent or broken from landing hard; but frames don’t really have a chance to take much abuse. Think about it, when you land properly, all of your weight is absorbed by a combination of the pedals, cranks, hub (and axle), spokes, rim, and tire, because you are standing up. Notice that i never mentions the frame. When you mess up, sometimes your force hits the seat or post, which are much weaker than the frame, so they break first.

I’m actually curious how anybody breaks frames, so if any of you have broken one before, let me know how.

All of the rest of the pieces on the uni can speak for themselves. Or… i can just speak for them and say that they are not the best ($$$), but are certainly good enough for almost all riders out there.

Moral of the story, just buy the Bedford. You’ll be happy with it, i’m sure.

I’ll vouch for this in a heartbeat. Saw it a month ago at motorama. Could easily pass it off as new. Not a scratch(he has a profile trials). Nice deal too.

that uni is now sold. Thanks to all who showed interest.