2 speed

does anyone have experience / information Re Shlumph ? 2 speed hub
i have a 24" Ninbus Muni


Can you be more specific in what you want to know?

See Search button in the blue bar above. Search on “schlumpf”, “guni” and “geared” for hours of reading.

Then, if necessary, ask a more specific question here. :slight_smile:

This thread has 134 pages of Schlumpf discussion, spanning almost a decade.

I recommend buying a unicycle with a larger wheel. It won’t cost much compared to what you will spend on your hub, and that way you will be safer and get the most speed out of your investment. Your 24" muni can definitely be Schlumpfed, though. Search the forum for “g24” to find out about others who have gone before you.

Keep in mind, if you have the steel nimbus 24 frame, the schlumpf is not recommended, especially if you have the gen 1 or 2 without a notch in it to prevent slipping. The teeth on the drive bearing don’t dig in and grip the steel frame as well as the aluminum. The easy fix of course is just to grab an aluminum frame (which isn’t much considering you just bought a schlumpf I guess) I know some people have tried shims and whatnot… I thought it was a little silly until I felt what slipping is like, and from that day on I used blue loctite on the bearing bolts and checked them each ride… slipping is scary at speed.

Slipping sucks! I bought my geared hub and KH29 with 9 months of unicycling experience and quickly learned what real UPDs are all about. You learn quick how to tuck and roll. My new generation Schlumpf is back in Switzerland getting this issue fixed, plus the cranks totally seized up. Hoping to have it back in a few months. If you get the hub always check for loose cranks before every ride!! Personally, I wish I would’ve gone with a Schlumpf on a KH27.5 or KH26 as the 29er is a bit big for Muni. A 24er at 15mph would be very squirrelly I think